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Oh Joshy Groban. You are such a stallion. As inappropriate as that sounds……naw, it’s inappropriate but I’m keeping it. I’ve seen him live and cried tears of laughter, tears of sorrow and tears of a clown. No, didn’t catch that reference? Didn’t think so. Anyways, Josh is involved a lot with arts education and his Find Your Light Foundation. He’s super awesome. Student prices on concert tickets, what? He’s retweeted one of our blogs on him in the past and my mind blew. It did. I may even have caused neuronal damage due to the overstimulation I felt that day. I heart you, Josh Groban. Even if my mother would trade me for you….I still heart you.

Girl Wood Alert! Josh Groban, Ke$ha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley to Host New Singing Show.

ABC just announced a new show for the summer with four fantastic hosts/judges/mentors called “Rising Star.” Who are they? Singers Josh Groban, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Ludacris. Apparently there is a new concept surrounding this show. People will have to … Continue reading

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Josh Groban Marriage Proposal in Toronto – What? What????

Ask me how my Friday night was. DO IT!! Why funny you should ask!! Golly gee, where should I start? Here. Josh Groban stopped in my little ‘ol city, Toronto, and sang a few diddies at the Air Canada Centre. … Continue reading

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Josh Groban tickles my fancy yet again! Benefit concert for the arts!

Oh Josh Groban how I heart thee. Let me count the ways…. I won’t actually do that. I doubt you want me to ramble on about the sexiness of a boy who wears glasses and a good dirty joke. I’ll … Continue reading

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Josh Groban’s on The Office tonight!

Oh Josh Groban, how I love thee. It’s been awhile since I’ve written/gushed about him. Josh has been busy over in Europe busying himself with his European fans for his Straight to You tour. No, I’m not pouting. Why would … Continue reading

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Pic of Josh Groban after London show

One of our readers, Melanie, was at the Josh Groban show in London, Ontario 2 days ago. Besides telling me that he was wicked awesome (no shit) she also sent me this little souvenir. Josh was nice enough to sign … Continue reading

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Popped my Josh Groban cherry last night in Toronto

How’d you guys like Josh Groban’s show last night in Toronto? I don’t know about you, but my Groban virginity was popped last night. ‘Twas good. ‘Twas good indeed. Hahaha ANYWAYS (insert awkward silence here) He blew me away! I … Continue reading

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Josh Groban makes me all twitterpaded in Toronto

Helllooooo Josh Groban fans! I dunno about you, but I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. His tour stop in my city – Toronto. I kinda became twitterpaded by his quips back when he decided to give … Continue reading

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Josh Groban has trashy earmuffs on Regis & Kelly @joshgroban

The hilarious and clever Josh Groban co-hosted with Kelly Ripa this morning on Regis & Kelly. He was so awesome the last time he was on in March that they asked him to return. And return triumphantly he did. As … Continue reading

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Josh Groban is my prom king. Student tix for his tour! @JoshGroban

Ok, so Josh Groban just made me say, “you’re kidding me, right?” I expected my computer to answer me – that’s how “wtf?” I was. Yeah, I know. And on a weekday without the influence of any sort of booze … Continue reading

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Josh Groban coming back to Toronto & doing Regis & Kelly

I just wrote about Josh Groban the other day, so why not do it again?! He announced a summer tour recently and he’s making a stop in Toronto on July 18th. Maybe I should lose my Groban virginity and make … Continue reading

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Josh Groban is the dirty thirty..

Happy dirty thirty, Mr. Josh Groban. He’s in NYC currently celebrating with what I hope to be drunken shenanigans. The shenanigans don’t have to be drunken, but at least immature and provocative. No need to put limits and boundaries on … Continue reading

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