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Justin Bieber is pure genius! Or at least his people are! The dudes’ got game! He’s from Stratford (score), had number one’s on the music charts and movie charts (double score), has toy makers in China thanking him for creating 1000’s of jobs for his merch (bigger score), and seems to have his lady love happier than a pig in sh*t. Rents out the entire Staples Center to watch Titanic together? Hell, I’ll date him. EVERY MAN TAKE NOTE!

Justin Bieber & Drake Sing Girls Senseless at Toronto Believe show

Justin Bieber played to a SOLD OUT SkyDome (Rogers Centre whatever it’s always gonna be skydome) in Toronto and BLEW IT AWAY! Seriously, I was seeing 13 year old girls all along the highway on the way home. I have … Continue reading

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Selena Gomez brings Justin Bieber’s brother & sister to Hotel Transylvania premiere at TIFF

Selena Gomez arrived at the Hotel Transylvania premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival with quite a few guests on her arm. Who were they? Well, the anticipated Justin Bieber did not accompany his lady on the red carpet, but … Continue reading

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I’m sure you’re all freaking out over Justin Bieber tickets

Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! The chosen one is going on tour! Of course I am talking about Justin Bieber. Silly rabbit, who else would I be talking about? I would just like to shout out a huge “good luck” … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber debuts Boyfriend video on the Voice. I quivered

Did you watch The Voice last night? Of course you did. Justin Bieber premiered a clip of his new video for his current single, “Boyfriend.” Here was my reaction to it…. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” Yeah, that was it. That pretty much sums … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber plays with the Toronto Maple Leafs pics & video

Ah yes my young prince Justin Bieber has arrived and is currently strutting it for 3000 young girls who’s parents shelled out thousands for the tickets. You read right. I am somewhat appalled with the ticket scandal that went down … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber performing at Massey Hall in Toronto this week

Haha! The information is finally in and spoken from the mouth of the man himself. I’m talking about Justin Bieber and his appearance in Toronto that he’s scheduled to make this week. The “where” part of it has been on … Continue reading

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Much Music is sending YOU to see Justin Bieber in Toronto next week!

Praise Jesus! It’s about damn time I tell you! Justin Bieber is finally coming back to Toronto and giving his Canadian fans something special for Christmas. If you haven’t already seen all theĀ Much MusicĀ ads or all of the tweets spamming … Continue reading

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Laura Likey in NYC for Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Gossip Girl and Jimmy Fallon

Guess what? Well, it’s no surprise if you can read! Yay for the literate! Yes, I’m currently in New York City and I’ll be on the prowl for anyone and everyone. I’ll be at the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony on … Continue reading

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Men squeal for Justin Bieber this Thanksgiving

I was just browsing the ‘ol twitter and found this video. It made me chuckle just a little. I love me some Biebs and this depicts some guys I know just perfectly. See, boys scream bloody murder for him too, … Continue reading

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Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber? Fo realz, shawty?

Please! Say it isn’t so! Justin Bieber and Selena-Gomez have broken up? Oh me, oh my. This is one of those times I am SO glad no one cares who I screw. The entire world has heard about this chick … Continue reading

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Happy Justin Bieber Mistletoe day, Shawty!

I would just like to say Happy Mistletoe day to all the Justin Bieber fans out there today. You all are probably skipping school to go and get his new cd. Wait no, that was me 12 years ago when … Continue reading

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4 cd’s you HAVE to buy for this Christmas season

I know it’s a bit early for this, but it’s because it’s a bit early that I’m going to blabber on about it. I went out yesterday to a few stores and each one had Christmas decorations within eye sight. … Continue reading

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