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If a celeb sings more than in the shower, they’ll be in here!

Britney Spears Releasing Lingerie Line. Items From Her Videos?

It’s her picture I run towards when I’m on the treadmill. She’s The Queen of hot bods and gives me total girl wood. The Britney Spears is releasing a lingerie line, ladies and gentlemen. She let the world know via … Continue reading

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Harry Styles Asks Bride to Leave Groom WHAT?!!??

Hahahahha!!! I can’t stop laughing! This guy totally NAILED it! Every boy band fans wedding dream (besides the obvious). A groom in the UK took it upon himself to make his brides’ wedding day not only the most memorable day … Continue reading

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O-Town Releases New Single “SkyDive!” Download This Bitch!

O-Town is back, bitches! Hot on the tails of several reunions over the past few years, O-Town has reunited with 80% of their original cast. Dan Miller, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada and Jacob Underwood have all left their day jobs … Continue reading

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The Backstreet Boys Get Paid Huge to Do Swedish Commercial!

The Backstreet Boys did a commercial! In Sweden! And got paid BIG TIME! Remember their song, “Larger Than Life?” Well, they changed it to “Lager Than Life” and recreated the same dance number as back in the day. All in … Continue reading

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Katy Perry and Madonna Play With A Bit of Bondage for V Magazine

Katy Perry and Madonna both took to Instagram today to debut pictures from this summer’s upcoming issue in V Magazine. They’re both sporting leather and submissive poses to each other. I’d say it was like Madonna handing the torch down … Continue reading

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Girl Wood Alert! Josh Groban, Ke$ha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley to Host New Singing Show.

ABC just announced a new show for the summer with four fantastic hosts/judges/mentors called “Rising Star.” Who are they? Singers Josh Groban, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Ludacris. Apparently there is a new concept surrounding this show. People will have to … Continue reading

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New Kids’ Joey McIntyre On TV This Fall with The McCarthy’s

BOY BAND ALERT! BOY BAND ALERT! You know I’m always up for a little of that. Fall television just got a lot hotter, ladies. Hotter with a 20% increase in New Kids on the Block. If you already PVR Blue … Continue reading

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The Backstreet Boys Nailed Me and Hamilton, Ontario Last Night

The Backstreet Boys stopped by Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last night while touring on their second North American leg of their In A World Like This tour. I didn’t get to see them during their first leg when they stopped in … Continue reading

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Decided to Have Unvaccinated Wedding

I’m so happy for Donnie Wahlberg!! Really, I am. He and Jenny McCarthy just decided to have and hold each other now and forever and ever in holy matrimony. I’d love to be at that wedding. Mark might be there, … Continue reading

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Beyonce and Jay Z to Tour Together? H to the HOW MUCH?

Bananas!!! Right???!!! I’d kill to see the Queen B and King Jay Z perform together. Wouldn’t you? H to the hells yeah! Ok, I’m way too white to say that. The show would be outta this world. We all know … Continue reading

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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter Looks Like His Dog Died At The Altar. Yuppee! Wedding!

It’s over. You can throw out your scrapbook filled with clippings of wedding ideas and Nick Carter’s face. Dunzo. Caput. C’est la vie. The Backstreet Boys member once voted most likely to have an STD (c’mon) got hitched yesterday to … Continue reading

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Gavin DeGraw Makes One Fan Quiver At Toronto Show

A few nights ago, Gavin DeGraw played the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Toronto. I myself was not present, but a very important Lauralikey Representative was. She graciously provided her description of her encounter when she met Gavin, not once, … Continue reading

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