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Water for Elephants was a kickass movie. It starred Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Tai the Elephant. It’s worth the rental or illegal download. It won’t disappoint.

Robert Pattinson tells Jimmy Kimmel he’s still homeless

Robert Pattinson was on Jimmy Kimmel again tonight. Youtube the crowd outside….crap. But being the gentleman he is (when he’s solo), he was uber generous and patient with the hoopla of fans gathered outside. There was a lot. As always, … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson on Ellen *video*

Here’s the full video of Robert Pattinson on Ellen from today. He gives the best interviews! He’s so….random. Take a look….I don’t feel like typing out all the good parts. ——–>>>>>Robert Pattinson Ellen Degeneres<<<<<<———–

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Robert Pattinson Today Show & Regis & Kelly Videos

It’s always convenient when all the crap you need is all in one store, right? Well, you’ve got all of you Robert Pattinson shopping needs met right here! Not the greatest of openings, but I’ll make up for it in … Continue reading

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Rob Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon @ WFE premiere!

And the pics are in! Here are Robert Pattinson – delicious – and his co-star Reese Witherspoon at the Water for Elephants premiere in NYC. They were friendly towards the fans, I hear. They took the time to take some … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants Toronto premiere. Rob Pattinson?

Yes, I’m writing an entire new post about this. Why? ‘Cuz Toronto deserves it, damn it! Well, that and it’s an excuse to put up another Pattinson pic. I like the way that slips off the tongue – “Pattinson Pic.” … Continue reading

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Rob Pattinson & Water For Elephants premiere in NYC

Twihards and 30 year old girls without boyfriends have been looking forward to this day for months. Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? If I haven’t narrowed it down enough, I’ll give you yet another hint – it’s the … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson loves him some elephant trunk

We all know that Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon have a new movie coming out on April 22nd – Water for Elephants. Here are the couple on the cover of the Italian In Style magazine. Hey, nice trunk! The elephant … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson on Leno *video*

So who watched Rob Pattinson on Leno last night? I must admit…he gives a good interview. He’s always so giddy and bubbly. It’s kinda refreshing. Who else noticed the Edward hair? In the words of Melissa, “Ommggggggggg he’s so hot! … Continue reading

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Hotass pic of Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants

Sure this has been posted 1 000 000 times by other people, but really, what’s 1 more. Here is the poster for Water For Elephants starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. The trailer is delish. Right, you’re already seen it.

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Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants set location|July 31, 2010|Chattanooga, Tennessee

Robert Pattinson is in Tennessee people. Southern Walker County to be exact. He’ll be shooting scenes for Water for Elephants on West Cove Rd. today and tomorrow….if you pass this up, you’re stupid.

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Robert Pattinson on Water for Elephants set|Sweaty & Bloody|Extras need for Tennesse shoot starting August 1, 2010

Who doesn’t love Robert Pattinson. But who wouldn’t love him all sweaty, bloodied up, fighting to defend your honour. Hell, freaking yes. That’s the crap romance novels make a gillion dollars off of cuz that’s what women want. I’ll repeat … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson the sexiest I’ve ever seen him|Water for Elephants set|July 15, 2010

Robert Pattinson is STILL filming that damn movie “Water for Elephants.” When will it end already??? F**k. Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I take that back. I take back every word of that last little bit. Just look at this pic … Continue reading

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