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The plot of The Lucky One is somewhat of a blur. I know that I know it, but I just get so distracted when I think about it. Why? It stars Zac Efron with a buzz cut. Yes, a manly haircut. I didn’t think I’d care, but oh I do. Crap, I do. He plays a marine. A f**king marine! Swoon! He did his stint and now he’s back stateside searching for some twat he thought was his good luck charm. Whatevs. HAIRCUT!

Watch Zac Efron all grown up and sexified in The Lucky One

I never saw those High School Musical movies, and I have no urge to start. They were a little past the time where I’d be interested in them. My first Zac Efron appreciation salute came from Charlie St. Cloud. Insert … Continue reading

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Zac Efron on set of The Lucky One – – filming location?

Haven’t seen the Zefron looking like this in awhile…and by “this” I mean, sweaty. We don’t get much of that up here in the north this time of year. I miss the sweatiness of the summer….I miss sweat, I miss … Continue reading

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