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Take This Waltz was filmed in Toronto (yay!) in the summer of 2010 and stars Seth Rogen (yay again!) and Michelle Williams. It’s about the roughness of a marriage (non-yay!). I’m assuming it’s a comical take on it though. It premiered at TIFF and Seth was nice to us, therefore I will promote this movie til you hate me.

Seth Rogen’s Take This Waltz set location, Toronto, Canada|August 17, 2010

Anyone wanna see Seth Rogen? I know that I do. That funny bastard does it for me every single time – no fail. He’s currently in Toronto filming his next movie, Take This Waltz. They’re at Centre Island today, so … Continue reading

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Michelle Williams and Matilda seen on Toronto streets Sunday|Unknown filming location August 9, 2010

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Ledger were seen walking around Toronto yesterday doing the mom and kid thing. They’re here filming Take This Waltz with Seth Rogen. The set isn’t that easy to find all the time. There was … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams on Take This Waltz set, Toronto

Michelle Williams AND Seth Rogen were seen on the set of Take This Waltz the other day in Toronto. Well, McKenzie Cresent to be exact. Keep letting me know where the hell these people are!

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