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New Moon is the second movie and book in the Twilight series. To fans it is known as the breakup movie, the movie Jacob really looks hot in, the movie the Volturi appear, and the book we all fast-forwarded through until Edward made his triumphant return. You know you did it too! Oh yeah, it’s also the one that half takes place in Italy and the one the majority of the Cullen crew has 1 line in.

All 5 Twilight Movies Released in Box Set – Edward is Still Better Than My BF

Hey Twihards, Oh god, I haven’t used that phrase in SO LONG! It’s been 5 freakin’ years since the first Twilight movie came out and millions of girls creamed their panties in movie theaters around the globe. Five years, wow. … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn movie review – Sex, birth & naked werewolves

I wanted to write this review while Breaking Dawn was still fresh in my mind and my orange jumpsuit was still nicely pressed. I haven’t really ever done a movie review on the site before, but I strongly feel that … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith hosts|Robert Pattinson fights with Taylor Lautner|Ashley Greene looks naked| all @ Teen Choice Awards 2010

Teen Choice Awards air on FOX in a matter of hours, but they were pretaped last night. Crapload of “heartthrobs” there last night, but lets focus in on the only ones I give 2 sh*ts about. 1. Hello Cory Monteith. … Continue reading

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Who sucked at the mtv movie awards? I’ll tell you….

I know, a little late but better late than never right? *Sigh* if only So the mtv movie awards happened the other night, and my working ass had to catch it online a couple days later. Crap. It was more … Continue reading

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Alice & Emmett Cullen to be replaced for 4th Twilight movie Breaking Dawn

What???? Do my eye deceive me?????? Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz may not be in the 4th Twilight movie??????? Something about their offered salaries being “an insult considering how well Twilight does.” Well, kinda have to give them that. They … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson pics in Vancouver April 29. 2010

He’s baaaacckkkkkkk. Here is Robert Pattinson out and about in Vancouver yesterday! More photos to come today most likely. This is where he belongs – in Canada. It suits him oh so well. That and we have coloured money. I … Continue reading

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Rob & Kristen weren’t dating this time last year. Oh wait, who cares!

While we’re on the Robsten topic, might as well bring this up. PUNKD tweeted yesterday that it was a year ago that day that this pic was taken. Should squash the thoughts that Kristen and Rob have been making me … Continue reading

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Edward Cullen has good taste! A look at Bella’s engagement ring.

So came across this pic the other day and thought it was cute. It’s the ring used in the movie Eclipse. It’s Bella’s engagement ring. It’s design was actually approved by Stephenie Meyer herself, apparently. Damn. Only way this ring … Continue reading

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New Twilight series book, but no Edward & Bella. NEXT!!!!!

Hey! Guess what Twilight fans! There will be a new book! But it’s not going to be Midnight Sun like everyone hoped it would be. Of course not. The new book is entitled “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” … Continue reading

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New Moon deleted scene. Kinda crappy

DELETED NEW MOON SCENE!! Kinda crap but still worth watching. All the extras are being leaked. At this rate I won’t have to buy the damn dvd. SWEET!

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New Moon wins 4 PCA’s – only Kellan & Taylor show up

Originally posted January 8, 2009 Kellan and Taylor were also at the People’s Choice Awards cuz New Moon won a crapload of statues. Hmmm…….Where are Rob and Gremlin???!!! INGRATES

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New Moon DVD release date – shield yourselves from the twihards!

Originally posted December 29, 2009 NEW MOON ON DVD/BLU RAY/WOULD BE WICKED IF   THEY STILL MADE TAPES MARCH 22, 2010.

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