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Monte Carlo was a little movie released in the summer of 2011 starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, and Cory Monteith. I featured it on this site because of the latter of course and fastforwarded to all the parts he was in. Highly recommend those accumulated 20mins or so. The rest is great too, I hear, but ….yeah.

European Cory Monteith…Monte Carlo style *video*

You know how much I lurve Cory Monteith. If you don’t…well, I do. Anytime he does anything whatsoever, I blog about it. I’m talking Glee, events, premieres, jogging, and grilling. Well, maybe not the last two. Anyhoodles…. The movie he … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith @frankenteen all huggy @ Kid’s Choice Awards!

The majority of messages I get are about Cory Monteith. I know, you love him. So do I! How could you not? Last night he attended the Kid’s Choice Awards, and he looked positively splendid. It’s not that often that … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith tweeting from Rome, Italy

Hellooooooo European Gleeks! Stay tuned for the next few weeks, it will benefit you, I promise. As you know, Cory Monteith is filming a new movie, Monte Carlo, in Budapest, Hungary. Lucky bastards get all the good people lately. Well, … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith in Budapest, Hungary with Selena Gomez

Hey people of Budapest, Hungary. Look at this face. Learn to love it. You lucky bastards get another hotass male celeb. I hate you. My lovely Cory Monteith is currently there shooting a movie called “Monte Carlo” with Selena Gomez … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith cast in movie. Selena Gomez in it as well. As long as it isn’t Swifty!

So Cory Monteith is crossing over to¬† movies! Let’s hope this lasts. He’s been cast in some movie with Selena Gomez called Monte Carlo. Filming is this spring in Budapest, Paris and Nice, France. Well, well, well. I’ll be in … Continue reading

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