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Charlie St.Cloud was the first movie where I said to myself, “Holy fuck Self, Zac Efron may in fact be doable.” I met him in an elevator during the filming of this movie in the ‘Couve. He wasn’t that nice, but he sure was nice to look at.

Watch Zac Efron all grown up and sexified in The Lucky One

I never saw those High School Musical movies, and I have no urge to start. They were a little past the time where I’d be interested in them. My first Zac Efron appreciation salute came from Charlie St. Cloud. Insert … Continue reading

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Zac Efron on Details Mag| Go see Charlie St.Cloud….but I didn’t tell you. No, I won’t admit it.

I’m still on the platform not sure if I want to board the Zac Efron train. Just don’t know. Saw Charlie St.Cloud last night with the bff and well……he was kinda good? Crap, I just said something nice about him. … Continue reading

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Zac Efron does Regis & Kelly for Charlie St. Cloud |VIDEO|

No one makes me feel like a pedophile quite like Zac Efron. What with his panty worthy abs, shaggy coif, boyish good looks, and height barely surpassing my own. All ingredients for a fine-looking high school senior, many years my … Continue reading

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