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Breaking Dawn is the movie/book where Bella and Edward finally screw! That’s all that matters!

All 5 Twilight Movies Released in Box Set – Edward is Still Better Than My BF

Hey Twihards, Oh god, I haven’t used that phrase in SO LONG! It’s been 5 freakin’ years since the first Twilight movie came out and millions of girls creamed their panties in movie theaters around the globe. Five years, wow. … Continue reading

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Kristen Stewart on the Today Show & some BS answers

Kristen Stewart appeared on the Today Show this morning to promote Breaking Dawn Part 2. Go ahead and watch her interview with Matt Lauer. Every time she answered any question the response I had to her response was … *cough* … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson talks fur and balls on Jimmy Kimmel

If you didn’t get a chance to stay up until midnight last night to see the delectable Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel last night, don’t fret. I have done all the work for you! It didn’t take much effort (I … Continue reading

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Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth Reaser kick off Breaking Dawn week on Ellen

Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show today to kick off Twilight week. That must suck to be the Monday guest. They weren’t headlining to begin with, but to be recognized as the least important characters … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo Tour at your fingertips

Well, the Breaking Dawn promo blitz is about to begin. Predictable timing for the Robsten reconciliation? ‘Fraid not. Nothing is Hollywood is accidental. You don’t want to read my jibber jabber, do you? You want to know when and where … Continue reading

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Rob Pattinson back in Vancouver for Breaking Dawn Part 2 reshoots

Hey Kiddies. The Breaking Dawn re-shoots in Vancouver have begun. How do I know? Well, a 6’1 bearded not-so-mysterious man was spotted in the airport looking like this guy. Ya, you guessed right! Underneath those overpriced sunglasses and yesterday’s sandwich … Continue reading

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Re-shoots confirmed for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Rob Pattinson & Taylor Lautner in Vancouver?

Ah yes, the chaos is about to begin once again in one of my favourite cities on Earth. It has been confirmed by the director himself, Bill Condon, that re-shoots for Breaking Dawn Part 2 will indeed be happening. That … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 sneak peak!!!

Oh my pets, we have waited almost long enough. A VERY sneak peak of Breaking Dawn Part 2 has surfaced just in time to tortuously tease us enough until the real preview shows itself during the Hunger Games. It’s only … Continue reading

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Kellan Lutz talks balls & vampires on Jimmy Fallon

Kellan Lutz was on Jimmy Fallon the other night and I forgot to wear my matching bra and panties while watching. What? That’s isn’t weird at all. It’s NOT!!! Doesn’t it make you feel a tad bit prettier when you … Continue reading

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Taylor Lautner throws some balls around on Jimmy Fallon

The great and wonderful and amazing when topless Taylor Lautner was on the Superbowl special of Jimmy Fallon last night. Why was he there? Well there was the excuse of Breaking Dawn being released to DVD next week, but we … Continue reading

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I’ll give $5 if you can translate the Robert Pattinson GQ Russia article

Ah yes. Let the Robert Pattinson promotion begin. Wait, I mean continue like it has for the last 3 years. Does he even need to have a movie coming out to be on the cover of stuff? No. It could … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis poster revealed!

It seems as though Robert Pattinson‘s new movie, Cosmopolis isn’t going to be released for a good while. It’s nice to know that the producers are aware of the fans’ inability to sit patiently waiting for glimpse of the flick. … Continue reading

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