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Victoria Beckham isn’t just a Spice Girl. She’s a super hero. Who else can be pregnant without gaining any weight! Ok, maybe super hero is the wrong thing to call her. Master illusionist!! She hid that bump well! It’s like she had magic mirrors built into her clothes to reflect a slender image of herself to all of her onlookers. Maybe she casts spells too? Naw, I’m going with master illusionist. A master illusionist who designs kickass dresses.

Harper Seven Beckham is born! So glad her name isn’t wacked

Congradulations Victoria and David! Although you’ll never read this, it doesn’t matter. So happy they have a little girl to add to the pack. You know that little Harper Seven Beckham (fab name by the way) will be the best … Continue reading

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David Beckham in Toronto & names baby girl

Someone who is definitely worth strolling the streets of Yorkville all day until your blisters pop is back in Toronto today. DAVID BECKHAM!! He’ll be playing the Toronto team I know nothing about today at the BMO field. He was … Continue reading

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Victoria Beckham is preggers! She was so pretty preggers! Take a look…

Preggers? What? The Beckham’s are expecting baby number 4?! Well, congradulations are in order…strike up the cigars! Now let’s mention what everyone is thinking when they hear this news. How is Victoria going to allow this? To gain a few … Continue reading

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Victoria Beckham clones herself. Stop the madness! Quick, get a cookie!

Why would you want to clone this??????????? Fake boobs, fake smile, fake nails, fake everything. It’s bad enough that when Posh turns to the side she disappears. No wonder there’s been speculation about trouble with her marriage. David can’t f’ing … Continue reading

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Spice Girls make a musical – no Sporty, please.

Did you love the Spice Girls back in the day?? I know I did. I even shelled out the cash and went to their reunion tour and saw them up close. I was surprised at just how skinny Victoria is … Continue reading

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David Beckham gets crotch grabbed….for some reason he doesn’t like it.

So this Italian chick has a tv show in Italy and decides that it would be funny to play a prank on David Beckham. AND IT WAS!!!!!! Hahaha! So she decides that while he is being interviewed by someone else, … Continue reading

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