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Seth Rogen just got married and it pains me so. I got to meet him a movie premiere and he tickled my fancy but good. Equally as funny and f**kable as I thought. Surprisingly tall! His laugh is just as infectious as in his hilarious movies. Everyone should get to meet Seth Rogen!

Seth Rogen sings with the Backstreet Boys. What?

So much went on in LA last night. F*#(@&#king damn it. I’m never there when I want to be. For F(*@@)#(#*@)ks sake. The F*&^king hilarious Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller headed the Hilarity for Charity annual event. What … Continue reading

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Women that caused erections at the Golden Globes & disappointing Ricky Gervais

The 69th (best number ever) annual Golden Globes happened last night and was filled with fun, fireworks and F bombs just like I’d hoped! I actually pre-wrote that opening statement before the show occurred. None like that happened. None of … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen got married. Marijuana brownie wedding cake?

Oh, it’s a sad but good day. One of our loves, Seth Rogen, has tied the knot. Just last month at the Toronto International Film Festival he was talking about being engaged, but had no date in mind. LIES! haha … Continue reading

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Joesph Gordon-Levitt crowned douchebag of TIFF

I’m writing this as a separate post, not to give the celeb more attention, but to bitch slap him a little more. If you don’t agree with what I’m about to write, so be it. I just write what I … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen & Anna Kendrick all over the fans at 50/50 premiere #tiff

Seth Rogen had premiere number 2 for the festival tonight. His movie, 50/50, premiered for all to see. What’s super cute? Seth brought along his fiancee and held her hand on the red carpet. I couldn’t get a good look … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen & Sarah Silverman at TIFF premiere of Take this Waltz

People may have been lining up for hours yesterday to see Ryan Gosling, but not me. Me heart me some funny man. Me heart me some Seth Rogen! I had the delightful opportunity to watch an interview he taped with … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen’s Take This Waltz set location, Toronto, Canada|August 17, 2010

Anyone wanna see Seth Rogen? I know that I do. That funny bastard does it for me every single time – no fail. He’s currently in Toronto filming his next movie, Take This Waltz. They’re at Centre Island today, so … Continue reading

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Michelle Williams and Matilda seen on Toronto streets Sunday|Unknown filming location August 9, 2010

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Ledger were seen walking around Toronto yesterday doing the mom and kid thing. They’re here filming Take This Waltz with Seth Rogen. The set isn’t that easy to find all the time. There was … Continue reading

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Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams on Take This Waltz set, Toronto

Michelle Williams AND Seth Rogen were seen on the set of Take This Waltz the other day in Toronto. Well, McKenzie Cresent to be exact. Keep letting me know where the hell these people are!

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Michelle Williams on Seth Rogen movie Take This Waltz set, Toronto

Here’s a gross pic of Michelle Williams on the set of her new movie Take This Waltz. Why is it gross? The ciggie. Me no likey. Anyways, the movie also stars Sarah Silverman and my lovely Seth Rogen. It is … Continue reading

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Seth Rogan on Jimmy Kimmel’s webcam

In my opinion, Seth Rogan is one of the sexiest beasts on the planet. No one makes me laugh like him. That is pretty much the best, more sure-fire way to get me into bed. I even liked him chubby … Continue reading

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Seth Rogan, James McAvoy, Jimmy Fallon in Vancouver. FML.

Like I don’t want to be in Vancouver enough already. I’ve bitten off all of my nails, both fingers and toes, lately. This is old news to a lot of  you, including myself, but I thought I’d share anyways. Keep … Continue reading

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