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Oh Ryan Gosling. There is a special pack of men referred to as “the Ryans” of which he belongs. He’s so slick, so suave and so sultery. Does he even know the power he has over women? I still remember him as Sean on Breaker High. He will always be Sean to me! Gosling will be around for years to come. He’ll definitely be a staple in women’s fantasies around the world as long as sex is the main form of procreation. So that’s forever.

Add Baby Daddy to Ryan Gosling’s Resume. Eva Mendes is Pregnant?

Get your kleenex from the bathroom, ladies. Do it before you continue reading this article. OK Magazine has broken the story that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. Not just a little pregnant either, but 7 months along. … Continue reading

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The When & Where Ultimate TIFF schedule of celebs and movie premieres

The Toronto International Film Festival has announced the schedule for the films they have lined up. You know what that means, don’t you? Trying to figure out where to be and when in order to get a glimpse at the … Continue reading

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My vagina is dancing with delight right now. How was that for an opening line? Pretty fucking good if you ask me. It’s like my own slip and slide on this hot summer day. Too far? Anyways, some films have … Continue reading

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Lauralikey’s take on the orgasm of awards season – the Oscars

The climax inducer of all award shows announced their nominees this morning. You know I’m talking about the Oscars. The golden, naked, chiseled statue is the dust collector every person associated with the film industry has wet dreams about from … Continue reading

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George Clooney & Ryan Gosling wet panties at Ides of March #tiff

This is late, but I’m overworked and tired. My feet can only handle so much time in the devil-possessed creation called high heels. On Friday night at TIFF, The Ides of March premiered at Roy Thompson Hall. It was a … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling nice to fans

Ryan Gosling….could you be hotter? ‘Fraid not. 1. You’re Canadian. 2. Look at you. 3. You’re nice to fans. I’m done. Ryan was on the set of Ides of March the other day and took some time out to say … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling spotted in Burlington, Ontario Best Buy

Ryan Gosling is where he should be for the holidays! At home in Canada – well, Burlington, Ontario to be exact. This was posted a couple days ago on lainey, but it’s still extra relevant to me! Ryan was spotted … Continue reading

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Gorg male celebs bring their moms as their dates – how cute! * Ryan Gosling, Cory Monteith*

Awww how cute. Don’t you love it when celebs deemed mouth-watering bring their moms to stuff? It’s sweet. Oh, and it gets the girls to love them even more. Talk about a win-win. Canuck Ryan Gosling brought his mom to … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams’ Blue Valentine premiere in L.A. tonight

Helllloooo Ryan Gosling fans! Ok, and Michelle Williams. The premiere of their new movie, Blue Valentine, is tonight in Los Angeles at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Go down and scope out a look for me, since I’m a 4 hour plane … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling kissing at AMFAR party in France

Here’s a delightful pic of Ryan Gosling at the AMFAR party thing in France yesterday. Who the F**k is he kissing??????? I bet a million of you are asking the same thing. She’s a dancer at the party or something. … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling looking delicious at Cannes film festival for Blue Valentine

Who watched Breaker High circa 1999, 2000? Anyone? Anyone? Well, if you lived in Canada at the time, you did. This was the beginning for Ryan Gosling. Before the Notebook “I wrote you everyday!” Before Rachel McAdams. That show was … Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling & large amounts of wood found at local Home Depot

If I was walking around the Home Depot that Ryan Gosling was when this picture was taken, I’d have to take up permanent residence in the wood aisle. Damn. So, why don’t you live in Canada still? Hmm? We bred … Continue reading

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