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Mark Wahlberg is sex. You know his character in Date Night with Tina Fey? The boy she used to know that is omfg sex on a stick? Mark Wahlberg should be cloned for every girl. He should be the ex-boyfriend we all regret breaking up with. The ex-boyfriend that still burns for you. Every woman deserves to have THAT wooing her and yearning for her loins. Yes, THAT. Sex. Mark Wahlberg. Same thing. Pretty much the only man on the planet that could cause orgasm with a glance. I need a cigarette.

Wahlburgers Launches in Toronto with Paul and Donnie Wahlberg in Town to Support

I like burgers and I like boy banders. Putting them together never really ever crossed my mind. That’s like the most epic mash-up you could ever think of really. Brothers Wahlberg took their blooming burger franchise north of the border … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg Graduates High School. Going to Prom?

This warms my heart!! New about Mark Wahlberg was just released. What was it? Well, apparently Mark has just received his high school diploma. Mark went back to school online and finished up the credits he needed to graduate. He … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg At Wahlburgers Toronto Opening. The Burgers Were Good Too

The man of all men was in my presence yesterday. Mere inches from my skin. I could feel his heat resonating and striking me full on. Hahahaha a tad overboard? F**k, no. Mark Wahlberg visited the new Wahlburgers location in … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg & Mila Kunis are doing it in Ted! *trailer*

Have you seen this trailer? Have you seen the sneak peak for Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis‘ new movie? It’s called Ted by the way, and it’s kick ass. “When you hear the sound of thunder, don’t you get too … Continue reading

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Why isn’t there going to be a Glee tour this year?

Oh wo-is-me! What a sad time it is! It was announced a few days ago that Glee will not be having a tour this summer after season 3 ends. I get why they’re not. They work like 380 hour days … Continue reading

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Donnie & Mark at Wahlburgers grand opening!

It’s official! Wahlburgers is open for business!! Are the owners too? he he Brothers Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg¬†were all in attendence at the grand opening of their restaurant in Hingham Shipyard, MA. I’ve never been to Boston, but will … Continue reading

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Donnie & Mark Wahlberg open burger joint together! Can I get ketchup on you..that?

Awww, can you feel the brotherly love?? Can you feel it?? One time! *pelvic thrust* Two times! *thrust thrust* Three! You get it. We’re not at a New Kids on the Block concert here, but there better be video footage … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband set location in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband is still filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. We went down to catch a glimpse, so so should you. They’ll be filming Monday through Wednesday at the old gretna in the 400 block of Hamilton Street in NOLA. … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband set location in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Wahlberg is in New Orleans filming a new movie, Contraband. He was in L.A. for the weekend, but he’s back to continue filming. The set is up just outside the French Quarter at Gravier St. and S. Peter. Signs … Continue reading

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Golden Guys: Mark Wahlberg, Robert Pattinson & Chris Colfer winning

I’m not even gonna say anything about all of these dudes. Why bother? You’re just gonna scroll to the pics anyways. I do. The women/men ¬†that can call these guys theirs are lucky bitches fo shiz. Robert Pattinson, Mark Wahlberg, … Continue reading

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