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Katie Holmes is Joey Potter to me. I still can’t buy into this Mrs. Tom Cruise business. I don’t know! It just seems weird to me! It made her relevant again and their spawn was the most sought after infant for a little while there. Then the Brangelina spawn took that title. I don’t know about her!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise around Toronto & Yorkville

By the looks of things, Katie Holmes is still shooting that miniseries The Kennedy’s here in Toronto. By the looks of these pics, her hotel is in Yorkville. Big surprise there. That means that it wouldn’t exactly be hard to … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes gets sandwiched between Josh Duhamel and Seth Cohen…Adam Brody

Kinda wanna be Katie Holmes right now. Not cuz she’s married to Tom Cruise. He’s always kinda creeped me out actually. Look at her in the middle of this pic. Go ahead – – – – look. Yeah…sandwiched in between … Continue reading

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Michael Buble, Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise @ Paul McCartney concert in Toronto

So if you were at the Paul McCartney concert last night in Toronto, you were in for a decadent treat. Not only was the Beatle in attendence, but some hot ass was too. Michael Buble was sitting in section 117 … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise back in Toronto for the Kennedy’s filming|July 20, 21, 2010

Katie Holmes is back in Toronto after being in New York City for the day on Sunday. No one seems to know where they are filming, unless they are in the studio. I already posted where that is, so look … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise back in Toronto for the Kennedy’s filming

Katie Holmes is back in Toronto. Why haven’t people met her yet? There’s enough of you looking for her, so what gives? Suri is back in town too. Katie is most likely at the studios that I have previous posted … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes in Hamilton, Ontario filming the Kennedy’s

Mrs. Tom Alien Cruise aka Katie Holmes was papped in Hamilton, Ontario yesterday while filming her History tv miniseries The Kennedy’s. This chick is definitely getting the outskirts of Toronto scenic route. Why don’t you give the public what they … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes not in Cobourg, Ontario

So obviously they’re not in Cobourg. Below is a pic of Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and alien Tom Cruise. They’re not here! They’re in Century City. Or at least they were when this pic was taken. You can keep the … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes celebrate Tom’s 48th birthday today – July 3, 2010. In Cobourg?

Happy 48th birthday, Tom Cruise. Yup, 48. Where did the time go, Maverick?! I wonder how they’ll celebrate in the bush of Cobourg, Ontario. Oh, he’ll have fun in the bush alright. Look at this pic of Katie’s birthday. I … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes’ movie The Kennedy’s set location

Working on the Cobourg, Ontario shooting location for Katie Holmes’ movie The Kennedy’s. Did find the Toronto, Ontario shooting local though – Dufferin Gate Studios – where they will build the oval office and such. You can google the actual … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes spotted in Cobourg, Ontario filming The Kennedy’s

Katie Holmes was spotted 30 minutes from my cottage in Cobourg, Ontario yesterday. Really? Cobourg? They couldn’t film your tv movie, The Kennedy’s somewhere else? Like the States? It’s pretty hick out there, pretty hick indeed. They like straw hats, … Continue reading

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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise strawberry pick in rural Toronto

Wow, Katie Holmes one upped me. She was 10 minutes from my house and I didn’t know it. Katie and Suri were picking strawberries at Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada today and basically went unnoticed. Well, except for the … Continue reading

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Hey Katie Holmes, do Suri’s shoes come with assless chaps?

Originally posted December 1, 2009 When Katie Holmes goes shopping for her 3 year old she doesn’t like to buy Dora the Explorer merch or anything Spongebob. No sir’ee! She’s buying Suri high heels. I can’t criticize her, I mean … Continue reading

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