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Kate Middleton is the newest princess to the world and the most photographed person on the planet. Her wedding to Prince William was the most watched television broadcast in tv history. Pressure, much? Crap. Just think. She has to look GOOD at all times. No sweats with no makeup and the option of not showering on a rainy Sunday for her. Aren’t you glad you’re not her? Think twice about that next time you criticize what she’s wearing. She can’t do Uggs, ever.

Prince William & Kate Middleton adopt a bitch

Oh my goodness! The world better stop now and listen to this ground-breaking news! The world as we know it will be changed forever! It will be a new day upon us! A new generation! A new way of life! … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton turns the big 30

Good thing Kate Middleton is married. She turns the big 3-0 today! If her family is anything like mine, she’d be knighted Dame Spinster if she wasn’t wed by this age. COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS! She doesn’t need to worry about such … Continue reading

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Rumour has it Kate Middleton is pregnant!

Oh me oh my. People have been saying that Kate Middleton was preggers ever since they got engaged. I’ll say it’s for sure when she says it’s for sure. People are blogging about how her and Prince William have been … Continue reading

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If Prince William & Kate Middleton have a baby girl, she will be QUEEN!

This news is so amazing!! And umm…about 300 years late. Members of the Commonwealth passed a law today stating that the baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton, whether boy or girl, will be the future king or queen of … Continue reading

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Prince William & Kate are in the air! On their way to Canada

Well, they’re in the air! Prince William and Princess Kate are mid-flight on their way here! Well, to Ottawa that is. They’ll be in Canada for 8 days or so and will be catching a lot of the boring sites. … Continue reading

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