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Jessica Biel’s character on 7th Heaven “could do no wrong!” Right. Puke! Then she started dating Justin Timberlake and never stopped!! Oh, and she has an ass you could bounce quarters off of. Actually, you could probably bounce biggers coins in some kind of foreign currency but none of us could ever get close enough to try. My friend was an extra on one of her movies once and confirmed this theory. Ass of steel.

Perfect world: Justin Timberlake married Britney Spears not Jessica Biel

Wasn’t 1999 a wondrous year? I don’t know if you were even alive at that time but I was and ’twas a delightful year indeed. Adidas tearaway pants were in fashion, no one knew if Britney Spears’ boobs were real … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake back with Jessica Biel? In Toronto?

I just walked into my desk – true story. My toe is currently purple and throbbing. Hurts like a bitch. You  know what else hurts like a bitch? My heart. Justin Timberlake in Toronto? What? How did I not know … Continue reading

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