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Who doesn’t like someone that virtually bitch-slapped Simon Cowell and all of America? That just makes me love Jennifer Hudson even more. She may have been kicked off American Idol way too early, but she drop-kicked the audience by winning an Oscar and losing half of herself. Oh, and she was in the Sex and the City movie and didn’t suck!

Jennifer Hudson lost a crapload of weight…..damn.

Holy sh*t, Jennifer Hudson lost weight. Like a lot of it. Although I myself am a former fat kid/teen, the body is beautiful no matter what your size is. Remember that ladies. I hear that weight watchers is a good … Continue reading

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“Chubby” girls ruled the Oscars – looooooove them all – Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson

Serious post alert. Serious post alert. Not funny, but important nonetheless. Chubby girls ruled the red carpet yesterday, as they should. I shouldn’t even say chubby ‘cuz some of them are normal sized. Whatever normal is, right? Praise Gabourey Sidibe. … Continue reading

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