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Jenna Ushkowitz is on Glee and is currently dating the hot werewolf from the Vampire Diaries. I think she’s adorb. She’s been on broadway before and knew Lea before Glee started. She’s done a superhot photoshoot with Tyler Shields as well. Google that sh*t.

Wanna meet Cory Monteith & you live in L.A.? READ ON!

You obviously read the title of this post and got interested so I won’t dilly dally with the deets. This is Cory we’re talking about here!! Brad Falchuk of Glee heads up this foundation where they run in-school arts education … Continue reading

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Glee In Toronto this weekend….who did you meet?

Stay tuned. Over the next day or 2 I’ll have an entire page up and running about Glee in Toronto this weekend. As the fan pics come in I’ll post them and a little diddy about each one. I’d like … Continue reading

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Glee Tour starts today! Set list?

The GLEE tour starts today!!!!! In Las Vegas!! So excited! Can’t wait to see Darren Criss and Cory Monteith when they come here to Toronto. Oh, and Heather Morris too. Ok, ok, ok, the others as well. You know, there … Continue reading

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Glee gets a 3D movie. Better work out & get your hair did!

If you’re going to one (or several) of the ´╗┐Glee concerts this summer, keep reading. Looks like you should buy yourself a new outfit and make sure your hair looks good that day. They’ll be filming during the shows for … Continue reading

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Glee’s Cory Monteith and cast do NYC

Glee is in New York City. Glee is in the biggest adult playground on planet earth. Better yet, Cory Monteith is in the biggest playground on planet earth and I want to ride the merry-g0-round. I don’t really know what … Continue reading

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Tyler Shields photographs Jenna Uskowitz as a S&M chick @Ijennaush @tylershields

There’s a photographer in L.A. that’s the shiz. His name you ask? Why it’s Tyler Shields. He’s photographed some awesome peeps including, Zachary Quinto, Lindsay Lohan, Alex Pettyfer, Devon Sawa, and most recently Jenna Ushkowitz of Glee. Apparently Jenna did … Continue reading

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Glee does Paleyfest 2011 – did you?

Paleyfest in L.A. is still going on and the cast of Glee showed up last night for their chance on the stage. The cast members present were Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, Mark … Continue reading

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Who wants to see the Gleeks in Toronto?

GLEE going on tour in North America!! More importantly…. GLEE HAS A CANADIAN DATE!!!! HEHEHHEHEHHE!!! Although this information may not be all that helpful to a lot of you, I will try for the rest if I can. The Gleeks … Continue reading

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Glee cast gets charitable with Education Through Music. Aww…Cory, Mark & Matt with the kiddies!

Yesterday, a lot of lucky youngsters got to hang out on the Glee set on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, California. Oh, to be a kid again. They held a charity event for disadvantaged schools, promoting music in the … Continue reading

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Glee cast lands in London, England for the X Factor show!

Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Diana Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Mark Salling and Naya Rivera have all tweeted that they have landed in London, England! They are in fact at the X Factor studios RIGHT NOW rehearsing for Sunday’s show! … Continue reading

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Glee Cast going on tour again! Summer 2011 in the UK & Ireland

Glee is going on tour again! Step back United States, you’re not included. Ryan Murphy decided to give the UK and Ireland a chance. Lucky Bastards. Too bad for you Americans! It’s in the height of increased airfares season! I … Continue reading

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Glee set location in Pasadena, California today!

Glee set location alert! This never happens – but they tend to always be filming on the Paramount lot. Stage 14! Good times at Stage 14. See my Los Angeles posts for that info. Looks like basecamp? or not in … Continue reading

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