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Jay Baruchel has been in a crapload of movies. If you think you don’t know who this guy is, you’re wrong. You’ll see his pic and be like “oh sh*t! Yah! That dude!” Ya, that’s him. He loves Montreal, hockey, his fiancee, and is bff’s with Seth Rogen. I’ve met this dude and he’s SUPER awesome! Really attentive to fans which kinda gives me girl-wood!

Jay Baruchel & Seann William Scott flirt with the fans at Goon premiere!

There are a lot of Canadians at TIFF this year, and this is a great thing. Not only are they making great movies, but they’re getting noticed. A very vocal Canadian made a little movie about what Canadians know best … Continue reading

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Jay Baruchel|Canadian|cute| oh, and in that movie the Sorceror’s Apprentice

Never written about this lovely lad, but I’m about to start. He’s been in a flick with one of my future ex-husbands, Seth Rogen. That would be Knocked Up. He’s also been in Tropic┬áThunder, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Millon … Continue reading

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