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George Clooney is kinda one of those self-proclaimed bachelor but can’t ever be single? Haven’t you noticed? He’s probably got a closet of resumes just waiting for whenever a relationship hits the curb. Meh, whatevs. He makes some good film and he pays attention to his fans. That I LOVE. He stops, he signs, he chit chats, and he takes photogs with them. Swoooooon. Women of all ages think he’s gorge….it’s a gift.

George Clooney Mingles with Fans at the Press Conference for Our Brand Is Crisis at TIFF

George Clooney was all smiles in his casual attire as he showed up for the press conference for Our Brand Is Crisis earlier today. He bee-lined it over to the crowd to meet them as soon as he got there. … Continue reading

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Lauralikey’s take on the orgasm of awards season – the Oscars

The climax inducer of all award shows announced their nominees this morning. You know I’m talking about the Oscars. The golden, naked, chiseled statue is the dust collector every person associated with the film industry has wet dreams about from … Continue reading

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Women that caused erections at the Golden Globes & disappointing Ricky Gervais

The 69th (best number ever) annual Golden Globes happened last night and was filled with fun, fireworks and F bombs just like I’d hoped! I actually pre-wrote that opening statement before the show occurred. None like that happened. None of … Continue reading

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George Clooney & Ryan Gosling wet panties at Ides of March #tiff

This is late, but I’m overworked and tired. My feet can only handle so much time in the devil-possessed creation called high heels. On Friday night at TIFF, The Ides of March premiered at Roy Thompson Hall. It was a … Continue reading

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George Clooney woos fans at The Descendants

George Clooney had his second premiere on Saturday evening for his movie, The Descendants. Again, he showed up and spent uber amounts of time signing and taking pics with fans. He’s a class act. His new girlfriend, Stacey, once again … Continue reading

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