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Emma Watson is done with Harry Potter now. She’s gone from a little girl twirling a little wand to a woman that knows how to handle that wand with fierceness. Yes, a wizard’s wand, perv. She’s a smart cookie. She’s got her toesies all wrapped up in fashion and an ivy league education. She will probably go places. You know, besides being one of the richest kids in the world.

The When & Where Ultimate TIFF schedule of celebs and movie premieres

The Toronto International Film Festival has announced the schedule for the films they have lined up. You know what that means, don’t you? Trying to figure out where to be and when in order to get a glimpse at the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Female Celebrity Endorsements of 2011

The men have done it, but it began with the women. I’m talking about celebrity designer endorsements. Usually, cosmetics are headlined by supermodels with waistlines no one can obtain. For a while now, cosmetic companies have been opting for female … Continue reading

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Emma Watson did what to her hair? OMG WORLD WILL END!

The news of Emma Watson’s new haircut has swept the nation and the world. Some say it was a huge mistake, some say it was ballsy, but gorgeous. What do I think? It’s just a haircut. If it makes her … Continue reading

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Emma Watson all grown up and showing some cleavage

Lookie who’s all grown up! And showing all her goods! Well, not really but it’s not too far in the future. Emma Watson is a kid to me still, like 12 years old. Why is a 12 year old wearing … Continue reading

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