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I will be in one of Ellen Degeneres’ chairs one day, oh, I will. And I don’t mean the audience. She is what a talk show host should be. Hilarious, generous, and gives a damn. Usually, one of those 3 is lacking. Ellen has some of the best interviews on daytime television! You know it!

Chris O’Dowd talks The Sapphires on Ellen Degeneres

Chris O’Dowd took some time away from Ireland to talk about his kick ass new movie, The Sapphires on Ellen yesterday. Oh, how I love this man. He talks about the movie, his role on “Girls” and about meeting his … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith & Lea Michele dating, sexting, potential for accidental babies *Ellen video*

We all saw the clips. We all cried over the clips. Those horrid clips. But, you know what? He looks happy so….deal with it. Really happy. A kid in a candy store that grew up to find it as the … Continue reading

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Jonas Brothers on Ellen *video*

Did you miss the Jonas Brothers on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday? Well, I just made your life a whole lot easier. Lucky you. I’ve never really followed the Brothers of Jonas. No, I don’t know their music really and … Continue reading

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Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth Reaser kick off Breaking Dawn week on Ellen

Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show today to kick off Twilight week. That must suck to be the Monday guest. They weren’t headlining to begin with, but to be recognized as the least important characters … Continue reading

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Josh Hutcherson tells Ellen he made Jennifer Lawrence pee her pants

Josh Hutcherson was on Ellen Degeneres for yet some more promotion for that Journey 2 movie and the Hunger Games. I really only have 2 things to say about this interview. 1. WHY WASN’T IT LONGER???? HELLO??!!! 2. The mystery … Continue reading

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John Krasinski on Ellen Degeneres <3 him!!

Anyone watch Ellen Degeneres this morning? I was blissfully woken up by the angelic voice of John Krasinski. I know it’s somewhat of a good thing that you keep a low profile in the chaotic world of celebrity, but please … Continue reading

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Top 10 Female Celebrity Endorsements of 2011

The men have done it, but it began with the women. I’m talking about celebrity designer endorsements. Usually, cosmetics are headlined by supermodels with waistlines no one can obtain. For a while now, cosmetic companies have been opting for female … Continue reading

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Happy Justin Bieber Mistletoe day, Shawty!

I would just like to say Happy Mistletoe day to all the Justin Bieber fans out there today. You all are probably skipping school to go and get his new cd. Wait no, that was me 12 years ago when … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Regis & Kelly & Ellen show dates!

More info about the Breaking Dawn promo blitz was released this morning. Dear gawd, the people in New York City are lucky bitches!! I was there for the New Moon blitz and finding these people was as easy as finding … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis talk sex on Ellen today

Who watched Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis on Ellen today? You know, I forgot how unbelievable hot he was. Just another to add to the list, right? She’s adorbs too. I love how psycho she seemed in the Black Swan. … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson on Ellen *video*

Here’s the full video of Robert Pattinson on Ellen from today. He gives the best interviews! He’s so….random. Take a look….I don’t feel like typing out all the good parts. ——–>>>>>Robert Pattinson Ellen Degeneres<<<<<<———–

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Justin Bieber on Ellen again today

Well, you can leave it to Bieber to cause chaos. Get it. Leave it to Bieber. Hahhaha. Anyway, in honour of adding a half an hour of extra footage to Never Say Never, Justin Bieber decided to go on Ellen … Continue reading

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