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Ed Westwick is better known as the seductive Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. I don’t know why the girls love his character so much more, cuz his real life self seems far more interesting. Hello? Accent? That’s an automatic 3 point starting. Add the looks, the ‘tude and well, everything, and he’s off the charts.

Ed Westwick & Russell Brand show too much skin. Normally a good thing, but this causes nightmares.

All this talk about hotties and then BAM!!! My thought process is broken, tortured and buried alive. What the hell? Why are pics like this published? EVER? It just makes the world a worse place to be in. I don’t … Continue reading

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Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl break up!!! CHHHEEEAATTEERRR!!!

So word on the street is that Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor of Gossip Girl have broken up. Apparently Jessica is a crazyass cheater. C’mon Jess, don’t you know that cheetahs never prosper!?! Get it…haha cheetah, cheater, sounds a like. … Continue reading

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