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Dustin Milligan is a super nice dude. He’s wearing a powder blue suit in the picture I have of the 2 of us and it reminds me of my parents wedding picture. My dad wore the same colour and my mom had the same smile of glee and regret. For the shoe choice! You can enjoy Dustin in random pap pics of him and Cory Monteith at hockey games, older new 90210 episodes and Shark Night 3D.

Cory Monteith & Dustin Milligan’s Sisters & Brothers out tomorrow!!

There’s a premiere going on across Canada for a little movie entitled, Sisters and Brothers. I’ve posted about it quite a few times in the past, but if you haven’t been reading (like you should) or paying attention (like you … Continue reading

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Top 10 Men to Lust for in 2012

There are so many stars out there that don’t shine as bright as Brad Pitt and frankly, shouldn’t. This isn’t because they aren’t deserving, aren’t as bountiful in the gorgeous department or aren’t as talented. Who wants to? That dude … Continue reading

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Laura Likey’s Birthday & Halloween freak on feat. Homer, Robert Pattinson & Spiderman

Happy day after Halloween people! How are your cavities coming? Quite nicely I hope. This past weekend was the most joyous time of year for Lauralikey. That would be me. Costumes, chocolate and turning another year older all mixed in … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith & Dustin Milligan premiere for Sisters & Brothers #tiff

  Cory Monteith and Dustin Milligan were in town last night for the premiere of their movie, Sisters and Brothers. I’ll talk about them in just a second. First, I would like to make a statement about how poorly the … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith & Dustin Milligan do Shark Night 3D

Last night was the premiere of Shark Night 3D in Universal City, California. Dustin Milligan is the star of the movie, so obviously he was there. He brought along his buddy Cory Monteith for some support and loverly photo-op. They’ll … Continue reading

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