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I don’t think that I’m going to keep Demi Lovato in association with the Jonas for much longer. I was skeptic about this one until recently. She went through some tough sh*t and came out of it brighter than a sparkly Twilight vampire on a sunny day. She’s gorgeous! She’s brillz! She’s on my Likey List for sure! She may have been screwed over by a couple dudes she really cared about (who hasn’t! hugs!) but I have a feeling she’s gonna be the last lady standing/singing.

We Day Toronto 2013 Lineup Announced – Darren Criss to Host

The line up for this year’s We Day in Toronto has been announced. I must say, it’s not bad! Not bad at all! The host of show will be none other than Glee’s Darren Criss. I totally support and agree … Continue reading

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Demi Lovato Joining Glee Cast for Season 5

So I just heard about this and I don’t know how I feel about it. Demi Lovato has joined the cast of Glee for its fifth season. Last year on the X Factor Demi really grew on me. She used … Continue reading

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Demi Lovato goes GINGER!

I’m a fan of Demi Lovato. I haven’t always been in the past, mind you but that has all changed. This bitch has got balls! Although her current choice of boyfriends is…how do you say? Oh right, douchey. C’mon, you … Continue reading

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Joe Jonas listens to songs about himself at Taylor Swift concert

Joe Jonas is growing up quite nicely, but some of his decisions have had me scratching my head/breaking plates against the wall. The Taylor Swift incident she explained very eloquently on Ellen? The whole Demi Lovato fiasco? He doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Awkward 101 feat. Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Bieber & Taylor Lautner

I already posted about Demi Lovato tonight, but I don’t care. It’s my blog so what I say goes. I’m kinda loving her right now. She looks fab, singing songs with meaning now, and has a couple notches in her … Continue reading

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Joe Jonas is an idiot. Demi Lovato takes naughty pics with an audience

Just at the title says….I really don’t get it. If Joe Jonas was hankering for some trouser-friendly kisses, why dump Demi Lovato for the sluttier Ashley Greene? Sure Ashley has had more boyfriends than I’ve had coffees today, but Demi … Continue reading

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Jonas Brothers Hit up Toronto – September 2, 3, 2010

The Jonas Brothers are in Toronto for a couple days. Let the mayhem ensue. They played the Molson Ampitheatre last night, and again tonight. If you’re in the Yorkville area, or will be…head over to the F*** S****** to get … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Demi Lovato. Love the skanky dress you wore for Joe Jonas

Happy 18th Birthday Demi Lovato. I noticed you wore a scandalous dress that I would be handcuffed to my basement couch if I ever wore at that age. If my boobs popped out like that and you could see my … Continue reading

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Demi Lovato moves on after Joe Jonas. That was quick!

She says she was guest singing with her friends in We The Kings. I know the truth. Pic pretty much explains itself. Demi Lovato,  you little heart breaker you.

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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato break up, now have to cover Teen Vogue. AWKWARD

I have to post about this again cuz it’s just so great!!!!! Joe Jonas is the uber dumbass of the century!!!! Here are the caput couple covering Teen Vogue this month! And talking about how much they love each other … Continue reading

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Joe Jonas breaks up with Demi Lovato. Dumbass!!!!!!

These are the days I look forward to. Not for someone else’s misfortune, but for…, it’s someone else’s misfortune. Saw this coming umm before it began! This is the end of Joe Forearms Jonas and Demi Horsemouth Lovato!! Proves that … Continue reading

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Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato on GMA today. Someone give her a sugarcube already!

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato were on Good Morning America this morning to promote their upcoming summer tour and Camp Rock 2. F**k man, someone make her stop laughing! It really is one of the most annoying laughs ever. … Continue reading

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