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I love how just over a year ago no one knew who Darren Criss was. He went to college in Ann Arbor and probably played beer pong and the ladies as much as the next guy. I love that. I also love how uber sweet he was when we met him on the street and how he was basically the only Glee member to do several meet and greets on their tour! THE ONLY ONE! Don’t get me started on that!

We Day Toronto 2013 Lineup Announced – Darren Criss to Host

The line up for this year’s We Day in Toronto has been announced. I must say, it’s not bad! Not bad at all! The host of show will be none other than Glee’s Darren Criss. I totally support and agree … Continue reading

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Kristen Wiig & Darren Criss mingle with the crowd at Imogene premiere at TIFF

Gawd bless you, Kristen Wiig! She was fan-friendly today at the Toronto International Film Festival where she stopped by to premiere her latest flick, Imogene. Now, I don’t know much about this movie but I think there may be some … Continue reading

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The When & Where Ultimate TIFF schedule of celebs and movie premieres

The Toronto International Film Festival has announced the schedule for the films they have lined up. You know what that means, don’t you? Trying to figure out where to be and when in order to get a glimpse at the … Continue reading

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My vagina is dancing with delight right now. How was that for an opening line? Pretty fucking good if you ask me. It’s like my own slip and slide on this hot summer day. Too far? Anyways, some films have … Continue reading

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DID YOU WATCH Glee LAST NIGHT??? DID YOU?? It was by far the best episode they’ve ever done. By far. The messages the had crammed into that one show makes me want to DVR it for my future children so … Continue reading

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Top 10 Men to Lust for in 2012

There are so many stars out there that don’t shine as bright as Brad Pitt and frankly, shouldn’t. This isn’t because they aren’t deserving, aren’t as bountiful in the gorgeous department or aren’t as talented. Who wants to? That dude … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith & others at New Year’s Eve premiere

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. Stupid Internet and stupid computer and stupid router and stupid Internet provider. Stupid. You get the picture, I was cheesed. We are all back in business now though! Insert eye roll here. First thing … Continue reading

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Darren Criss playing Kristen Wiig’s boytoy in new movie!!

Yessss, my pretty’s. I was quite delighted when I first read about this. Darren Criss is indeedy going to be around for awhile, and not just on Glee. Looks like he’s landed a role as Kristen Wiig’s boy-toy in the … Continue reading

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Chord Overstreet gone from Glee. Bye bye Trouty Mouth McAbs

Twitter is blowing up right now. If you live under a rock, or have a life, then you don’t know the latest gossip out of Hollywood right now. All Glee fans are shedding a tear, crapping their pants and a … Continue reading

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Glee In Toronto this weekend….who did you meet?

Stay tuned. Over the next day or 2 I’ll have an entire page up and running about Glee in Toronto this weekend. As the fan pics come in I’ll post them and a little diddy about each one. I’d like … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets Darren Criss!

The Gleeks are in Toronto and they’ve been spotted all over town. Darren Criss was nice enough to talk to me, with the Warblers at his side. He seemed kinda tired – maybe being pulled off stage the night before … Continue reading

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Glee Tour starts today! Set list?

The GLEE tour starts today!!!!! In Las Vegas!! So excited! Can’t wait to see Darren Criss and Cory Monteith when they come here to Toronto. Oh, and Heather Morris too. Ok, ok, ok, the others as well. You know, there … Continue reading

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