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I sat a couple feet away from Chris Pine once at a sushi place in L.A. He’s just as hot in person, ladies. Don’t ask me how the sushi was…I dunno if I even ate it or paid for it. He’s kinda got an old skool Hollywood vibe. Maybe it’s just me? He’ll be around for awhile though. Oh, and he hates paparazzi.

Olivia Wilde & her many boyfriends. My hero.

I was reading on several other blogs today about Olivia Wilde. They were all mentioning her latest elusive hook-up with Jake Gyllanhaal. Seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? I’m sorry Taylor Swift, but you’re being knocked down to second place in my hero … Continue reading

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Chris Pine & Olivia Wilde filming a new movie together – set location!

Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde have a new movie called “Welcome to People.” What’s it about? Welllllll…’s about this dude that has to deliver $150 000 to a chick that is supposedly his sister, after his dad dies. Oh, and … Continue reading

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Chris Pine movie makes girls wanna get naughty…

Was out with the girls the other night, and on a whim we went and saw Unstoppable starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Best. Move. Ever. I’m not a fan of the chick flick…not at all. Thank gawd too! I’d … Continue reading

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Chris Pine covers Details Mag & talks about pulling his groin

Chris Pine covers this month’s Details magazine. This mag, along with GQ never get it wrong when it comes to panty wetting. Just look at him! The articles blabs on about his run in a play this summer in Los … Continue reading

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Hot as F**k Oscar presenters – Keanu Reeves, Sam Worthington, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner, Chris Pine

So I saw this on justjared and thought I’d steal the idea. And I did say that I would try not to post about Rob or Cory as much. Lent already started damnit, dammmmmmitttt! Anyways, the Oscars are coming as … Continue reading

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Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Chris Pine, Jude Law, Sienna…oh sh*t, I forgot where I was going with this

Originally posted December 29, 2009 I’m broke, I have an excuse to not look quite so dapper sometimes. I just can’t plain afford the niceties of life. Celebrities have no excuse. NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that one you’re thinking of right … Continue reading

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