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He’s still the dude from Step Up to me. Then he married his co-star and caused millions to cry into their pillows. He has since proved to be a great soldier who can hold a gun well and a romcom staple. His cheeks were pretty soft too.

Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo at FoxCatcher Premiere. 1000 Women Orgasm Simultaneously

FLOOD ALERT! FLOOD ALERT! I REPEAT! FLOOD ALERT!  Potential evacuation may take place in downtown Toronto tonight! What’s with the weather advisory? Well, Channing Tatum premiered his new movie, Foxcatcher, and a thousand women gathered to witness the event. Just imagine the … Continue reading

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Celebrities Attending TIFF Released *FAN GIRL DOWN!*

The official Toronto International Film Festival schedule has been released along with its confirmed stars. Hotel room prices are drastically inflated and VIP passes are worth more than high quality drugs. There will probably be a lot of those too. … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan welcome baby girl. Magic Mike banned from their house

Been kind of busy lately so I got the Lauralikey Representative to give her opinion on the most important story of the day – – Channing Tatum becoming a Dad. “NewsFlash— Channing Tatum is perfect, and also a father! Today, … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan are pregnant!

It was announced today that Channing Tatum and his wonderful wife Jenna Dewan are expecting their first kid! Exciting! I don’t get how they haven’t had 27 kids so far. I mean, look at them. How could you ever keep … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets Channing Tatum – Toronto Magic Mike promo tour

Channing Tatum and all of his deliciousness made it out early this morning to do a round of Toronto morning shows. He was all bright eyed and bushy tailed too. Well, minus the tail but I’m sure we’d still do … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum strips for 90 minutes of bliss on Saturday Night Live

I would like to take this time to praise the executives at NBC for finally getting it right this past Saturday night. It’s only taken decades for this to finally be aired and the sexes to be equalized for 90 … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith & Channing Tatum = Girl Wood Kings of the Golden Globes

Let’s look at the bright side of the Golden Globes, hmm? There was some mighty girl-wood going on at those Golden tables at the Beverly Hilton last night. Did you really expect me NOT to post aboutCory Monteith? Haha awww, … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum makes fans squeal on Magic Mike set

These are the stories that I love to hear, ladies and gents. The amazing Channing Tatum made some girls scream with glee over the past few days. Channing has been in the Tampa Bay, Florida area for a little bit … Continue reading

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Justin Long is crowned the King of TIFF!!!

This is going to be my favourite post. I know it. Just thinking about it makes me giddy. Not much does that. Just heels, expensive denim and hot funny dudes. I guess this qualifies for the list. As I mentioned … Continue reading

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I lit a cigarette after the Channing Tatum premiere of Ten Year

The premiere for “Ten Year” was tonight at TIFF. Any movie about a high school’s ten year reunion that includes Justin Long and Channing Tatum in the cast is bound to be good. Justin’s got the comedy, Channing’s got the … Continue reading

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GQ Celebrates all of my fantasies come true – Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Drake, Ben McKenzie, Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner & Channing Tatum all in attendence

Oh, GQ Magazine, I bow to thee. I’ve praised this literary gold mine several times in the past. Several. They just know what they’re doing over there! They give the ladies what they want to see and give the men … Continue reading

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The Eagle Trailer | The movie Channing Tatum burnt his d**k while filming

If I remember correctly, Channing once said in an interview that this was the movie he was working on in Scotland when he burned his d**k. Yeah, his d**k. I kinda just like typing out star signs, so I’m gonna … Continue reading

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