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LauraLikey’s list of Hollywood celebrities

5 Seconds of Summer Hurt Toronto than Kissed it Better

Holy shit, fan girls are smarter and slicker than ever. I used to be one (still am just way lazier) so I know the code, but fuck! Are there 5 hour make you Sherlock Holmes energy drinks now that I … Continue reading

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James Franco Filming in Guelph, Ontario this June

Live in the Toronto area and want to meet James Franco? Well, I have an opportunity for you!! This guy is always busy with multiple projects on the go, but the Stephen King miniseries he’s in is slated to be … Continue reading

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Wahlburgers Launches in Toronto with Paul and Donnie Wahlberg in Town to Support

I like burgers and I like boy banders. Putting them together never really ever crossed my mind. That’s like the most epic mash-up you could ever think of really. Brothers Wahlberg took their blooming burger franchise north of the border … Continue reading

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The Buried Life Are Coming to Toronto

The boys of the Buried Life are continuing their North American tour with some lovely new dates. The guys have been touring campuses for years now, discussing their book “What Do You Want to do Before You Die?” and all … Continue reading

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Josh Hutcherson and Benicio del Toro in Toronto for Esobar: Paradise Lost

TIFF is still in full force people. Just when I thought I’d get a day off. Ugh. My feet hurt! Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games and Benicio del Toro did their press today for the movie, Esobar: Paradise Lost.  Josh plays a … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson Signed and Took Selfies With Every Freaking Fan at Maps to the Stars Premiere at TIFF

Today was a super busy day for the cast of Maps to the Stars. A live streamed press conference at the crack of dawn, a long ass press junket, minimal coffee breaks, and a gigantic international movie premiere. All those screaming … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson, John Cusack and Julianne Moore at Maps to the Stars Press Junket at TIFF

The press junket and conference for David Cronenberg’s latest creation, Maps to the Stars, was this morning and you know what that means. Utter chaos. Actually, it was quite tame this AM. I thought the fans would have been camped out to … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo at FoxCatcher Premiere. 1000 Women Orgasm Simultaneously

FLOOD ALERT! FLOOD ALERT! I REPEAT! FLOOD ALERT!  Potential evacuation may take place in downtown Toronto tonight! What’s with the weather advisory? Well, Channing Tatum premiered his new movie, Foxcatcher, and a thousand women gathered to witness the event. Just imagine the … Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington at Cake Premiere at TIFF

The beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, breath-taking, sultry, sleek, sculpted, generous, joyous, and overwhelmingly angelic Jennifer Aniston graced Yonge Street with her presence this afternoon at the premiere for her new movie Cake at the Toronto International Film Festival. Her striking fiancee Justin Theroux … Continue reading

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Reese Witherspoon Stuns at Mavericks talk for TIFF 2014

Want to meet Reese Witherspoon? Well, do what I did and do not go to a premiere at one of the huge venues where you will be trampled and/or elbowed. Never mind the starvation factor, lack of bathrooms and sunburn … Continue reading

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I Love Adam Driver. He’s Bringing TIFF 2014 to its Knees

You watch the show Girls?  It’s HBO, so if you’re cool, you watch it. You know the character Adam? Lena Dunham’s boyfriend? The crazy sex fiend with the heart of gold? Yeah, him. He’s got a heart of gold in … Continue reading

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2014 In Style TIFF Party Gave Me Girl Wood and Heart Palpatations

The In Style party at the Windsor Arms hotel this year during TIFF was RIDONKULOUS! Seriously. Actually. I just wasn’t ready for it. You know when you’re silently at work on your laptop and your friend comes up behind you, … Continue reading

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