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Kim Kardashian may seem a little ditzy on tv, but she can’t be. Anyone that makes a thriving career from something as negative as a sex tape has my props. She’s beautifuL! People talk sh*t about her ass, but they’re just jealous. It’s better to have her ass than no ass at all. Stop hating on her cellulite. SHE’S HUMAN!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding Pictures! Just cave and look at the dress

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got hitched this past weekend. Who didn’t know that?! Everyone, I mean everyone did. They made sure of it. Who doesn’t want to look at the pictures??!! I freaking do. Her Dress. Yes, with a … Continue reading

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You can meet Kim Kardashian in Toronto for just $50!

Kim Kardashian will be making an appearance at the Bay on Queen Street on May 10, 2012 for anyone that cares. She’ll be there to promote (Kanye) her new jewelry line called “Belle Noel.” Pretty Christmas? What? It’s only April. … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Divorces!! But his name starts with a K!!!

I kinda had hope for them, but I guess knowing someone for 2 seconds doesn’t really bode well in today’s society. It’s official! Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce from hubby Kris today. SeriouslY??? But his name fit so well … Continue reading

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My take on Kim Kardashian’s car photos…err…W Magazine shoot

For someone who regretted posing for Playboy, you sure make sense! Kim Kardashian, famous for that never-been-done-before-oscar-calibur-film of hers, has decided to strip all of it down and pose for W Magazine. A rather classy magazine has gone well…less than … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber on the beach with Kim Kardashian

Picture this: Beautiful Bahamian beaches….wicked ass resort – the Atlantis. You’re sipping some long island iced teas and listening to the waves of the ocean. Then…all of a sudden… hear some screams from preteen girls behind you, snapping of the … Continue reading

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