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John Krasinski is in my top 5 fave celebs. I don’t have my top 5 list up on the site, but he’s on it. Just remember that he’s awesome. Just remember to watch any and everything he’s in. Just remember to have daydreams about him and you walking through Central Park, eating gelato, walking a golden retriever named Howard, and talking about how awesome the kareoke night with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey was the night before. 80’s rock ballads should be appreciated for decades to come. Sure it’s kinda specific, but you gotta have goals.

John Krasinski Debuts Super Freaking Cute Daughter Hazel

Me heart John Krasinski. My love for JKras runs deep and anything he loves I love. It’s weird saying that and then talking about his child, but I’m just going to go with it. I’ve already had a beer today … Continue reading

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John Krasinski Completes Me

Scrolling down the blog and seeing not one, but two John Krasinski posts excites me more than a ninth grader in swim class. He presented and was honoured at the Gotham Independent Film Awards last night along with his wife, … Continue reading

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John Krasinski blows my mind on NUVO Magazine cover

It’s been SO LONG since I wrote about the delicious John Krasinski on here. SO LONG. Yes, SO LONG. I really just want to keep on saying SO LONG and get away with it. Oh JKras. You make this world … Continue reading

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TIFF Fan pics! Johnny Depp, John Krasinski, Rachel McAdams & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hey kids! Remember when I told you that I wanted to see your Toronto International Film Festival pictures? I MEANT IT!! I am more than happy to share your stories and flaunt your beautiful faces alongside the celebs you love. … Continue reading

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Colin Firth & Emily Blunt premiere Arthur Newman at TIFF

Holy crap. My vagina could open up its own waterpark after today. Holy crap, indeed. I don’t even know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do. With my favourite actor of all time! That’s right, the sexy birthday boy … Continue reading

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Halle Berry says hello to fans at the Cloud Atlas premiere at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival continued today with another bang. Oh baby, two days in a row! I don’t know about you, but I caught myself staring at multiple people multiple times. To the point of embarrassment due to being … Continue reading

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John Krasinski showing some love at the airport

Sometimes I really love the paps. This is one of those times! They seemed to have caught John Krasinski at the airport once again! I know, sadly he is not getting felt up by anyone but the pics are still … Continue reading

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John Krasinski gets felt up at the airport

A pap was lucky enough to spot one of the most valuable people on this planet at the airport recently. Of course I’m talking about John Krasinski. Where was he going? New movie on the horizon? Does it really matter? … Continue reading

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John Krasinski broke into Jimmy Kimmel’s house – interview

One of my all time favorite celebs, John Krasinski was on Jimmy Kimmel a couple nights ago to promote his new movie Big Miracle and I feel that you really need to see this interview. Jimmy is lucky enough to … Continue reading

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John Krasinski on Ellen Degeneres <3 him!!

Anyone watch Ellen Degeneres this morning? I was blissfully woken up by the angelic voice of John Krasinski. I know it’s somewhat of a good thing that you keep a low profile in the chaotic world of celebrity, but please … Continue reading

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John Krasinski wrote a movie with Matt Damon!

Yay! We’re going to see more of John Krasinski ! Of course, it’s not going to be for quite some time but it will happen at some point. John wrote an untitled screenplay about a town that has been poisoned … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin punches John Krasinski in the face *commercial*

Me <3’s some John Krasinski and when paired with Alec Baldwin = brilliance. Brings me back to when I saw “It’s Complicated” with my parents and watched them thoroughly urinate in their pants while laughing. It’s a moment I’ll try … Continue reading

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