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The Oscars, or Academy Awards, are the awards of the awards. They usually close out the awards season each year in Hollywood. Each year they try to re-vamp it to make it less boring than it really is. The pre-show is pretty good. I watch it to see what people are wearing. Knock offs are in stores in the few weeks post show. There’s always a big hoopla about who wins, but no one ever remember who does anyways!

Seth MacFarlane is Oscar Host God

I’m reading all of these bad reviews for Seth MacFarlane this morning and I’m getting this tremendous urge to bang random people’s heads off of a wall. It’s not even my morning jolt of caffeine that’s triggering my sudden aggression … Continue reading

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The worst dressed at the 2012 Oscars – My eyes are bleeding

I was quite impressed with the stylists this year at the Oscars. They worked hard for the money! But alas, what kind of site would this be if there wasn’t something for me to complain about. Complaining is what makes … Continue reading

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It’s the 1986 Oscars? I thought it was 2012. My bad

Hey! It’s 1986 again and I’m sitting here with my Cabbage Patch Kid Molly while wearing my She-Ra costume. I’m so excited to go and see my favorite movie for the second time in theaters! Back to the Future is … Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, a slit & some nipples at the Oscars

The thespian’s climax and closing curtains of awards’ season, the Oscars , were last night and as usual they made their audience convulse (just a little) with pleasure. I love the convulsing part. It’s like a pat on the back … Continue reading

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Lauralikey’s take on the orgasm of awards season – the Oscars

The climax inducer of all award shows announced their nominees this morning. You know I’m talking about the Oscars. The golden, naked, chiseled statue is the dust collector every person associated with the film industry has wet dreams about from … Continue reading

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“Chubby” girls ruled the Oscars – looooooove them all – Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson

Serious post alert. Serious post alert. Not funny, but important nonetheless. Chubby girls ruled the red carpet yesterday, as they should. I shouldn’t even say chubby ‘cuz some of them are normal sized. Whatever normal is, right? Praise Gabourey Sidibe. … Continue reading

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Demi Moore, Anna Kendrick, Sandra Bullock @ oscars. We should all be friends.

HEY LOOK! Me in 30 years! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Me so craaaaazy. For thinking for 1 second that that won’t happen.   You’re back to your winning streak in dresses again and me likey. I like you, Anna. You were nice to … Continue reading

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Charlize Theron @ oscars – hey everyone! Look at my tits!

She broke up with her ridiculously hot boyfriend Stuart Townsend and so she wears this. HEY EVERYONE!! LOOK AT MY TITS!!!! You’re not Scarlet Johansen. She could get away with that. She has marvelous boobs. Hell, even I’d motorboat that. … Continue reading

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Hurt Locker sweeps. Women rule all.

James Cameron lost. Avatar didn’t win. The voters probably got headaches from the 3D experience and boycotted the whole thing. Me likey Avatar. Ah well, too bad Cameron. You just got the worst form of alimony you could ever get. … Continue reading

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Taylor Lautner & Zac Efron @ Oscars. He could just hide one under my dress and no one would know.

Here’s Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron at the Oscars. First off, who let Zac in? I can’t believe I’m gonna say this about Taylor, but the pedophiliac feeling has been irking me tonight and frankly, it’s not a good one…….(sigh) … Continue reading

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Kristen Stewart looked good @ the Oscars. Excuse me while my head explodes.

Holy F**king shit. I’m on apocolypse watch from now on. The devil must be freezing his ass off. And from my pictorial display, pigs are flying in the sky above us. Kristen Stewart looked good. Damn good. I’m flabbergasted. I … Continue reading

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And the Oscars start….NOW!….4 hours later.

Oscar coverage begins NOW. Sorry for the delay, but she works hard for the money and she hasn’t been home long. And well let’s face it, I’m super lazy and would rather wait til it was over and everyone else … Continue reading

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