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The Grammy’s are the highest honour in music and usually take place near the end of February. Sometimes people you’ve never heard of win them and the popular ones go apesh*t. That’s when it gets good.

Rihanna & Katy Perry mingle at the Grammy’s with Drake, Adele, Nicki Minaj & the beautiful

The Grammys were last night (no shit) and a bunch of shenanigans went down. Actually, not really. The show definitely lacked in hi-jinx but exploded with love, respect and deserving winners. Let’s focus on the eye-pleasing, shall we? Adele stole … Continue reading

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Chris Brown as Q-Bert at the 2012 Grammy’s – watch here!

Chris Brown may be a renowned DB (douche bag for the non-hip) but the boy has mad dance skills. Have you ever watched the “Step Up” movies and totally imagined yourself in those dance sequences battling out so your posse … Continue reading

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Watch Adele’s Grammy performance & bow at her feet! All hail Queen Adele!

All praise Queen Adele!!! She swept the Grammy’s and left Lady Gaga wondering why she even bothered to get dressed this morning. What a waste of a good fishing net. Adele took home several awards including Record of the Year … Continue reading

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GRAMMY’S 2010 updates – cuz I can’t steal pics til the morning.

Lady Gaga – breathtakingly beautiful. That’s talent ladies and gentlemen in it’s truest and purest form, while dressed like a drag queen. Freakin’ love it. Taylor Swift – I’m still pissed at you Swifty McSlutty so we’re not talking. Nice … Continue reading

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GRAMMY’S 2010 – Pay more attention to PINK!!! She’s fab

THIS IS WHY PINK IS SO FABULOUS!!! I knew this long ago, but others should really start to pay more attention Personally, I’d be scared shitless up there and that would be diarrhea dripping from me rather than water, so … Continue reading

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