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The Golden Globes aren’t just for TV or movies, they’re for both. They use this awards ceremony to f**k with your head. They say that who wins this award in the movie section will win the Oscar. Only the A listers from each usually attend and the ceremony is always in a cramped room in Beverly Hills. It wasn’t watched by that many people until 2011 when Ricky Gervais made it super fantabulous and made fun of everyone that was in attendence. It was some great television, people!

Cory Monteith & Channing Tatum = Girl Wood Kings of the Golden Globes

Let’s look at the bright side of the Golden Globes, hmm? There was some mighty girl-wood going on at those Golden tables at the Beverly Hilton last night. Did you really expect me NOT to post aboutCory Monteith? Haha awww, … Continue reading

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Vomit inducing Sarah Michelle Gellar & Kelly Osbourne at the Golden Globes

Don’t fret! There are more good and bad of the Golden Globes! Let’s start off with the bad, shall we? Well, not really bad, it’s more like uber disappointment. I love these 2 ladies but they made me vomit just … Continue reading

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Women that caused erections at the Golden Globes & disappointing Ricky Gervais

The 69th (best number ever) annual Golden Globes happened last night and was filled with fun, fireworks and F bombs just like I’d hoped! I actually pre-wrote that opening statement before the show occurred. None like that happened. None of … Continue reading

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Golden Guys: Mark Wahlberg, Robert Pattinson & Chris Colfer winning

I’m not even gonna say anything about all of these dudes. Why bother? You’re just gonna scroll to the pics anyways. I do. The women/men ┬áthat can call these guys theirs are lucky bitches fo shiz. Robert Pattinson, Mark Wahlberg, … Continue reading

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Love: Mila Kunis as Crazy bitch, Dianna Agron & Eva’s dress I’d wear to pilates

These chicks nailed it! Some of the not-so-talked-about actresses too. Everyone has been “Natalie Portman this, Natalie Portman that.” I know about 5 girls that look just like her. She’s talented, yes. But did you see Black Swan? Mila Kunis … Continue reading

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Hailee Steinfeld upstages Lea Michele at Golden Globes

I only really have one comment on this one…. BUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hailee Steinfeld looked ferocious last night at the Golden Globes. Lea Michele, not so much. I REALLY hope they met up at the show at some point. I really do. … Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie channels Michelle Duggar

I saw Lainey in an interview today saying this, so I can’t take credit. I was like “NAILED IT!” C’mon, you see it, don’t you?! Angelina Jolie is Hollywood royalty, and has men of the world by the balls. This … Continue reading

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Chris Colfer & Cory Monteith look Glee-licious! Ok, that was corny.

CHRIS COLFER! CHRIS COLFER! Love you!!!! So glad you won the Golden Globe! He’s genuinely thankful as well. Me likes. I love this guy!! He’s great to the fans, loves his job, and knows how lucky he is. A lot … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais was the shit! If you don’t like the jokes, don’t commit the crimes!

I’m sorry (actually I’m not), but Ricky Gervais was the SHIT last night! So good. Some of the celebrities loved him, some did not (Robert Downey Jr.), but really????? If you didn’t want shit said about you…..don’t do the shit!!! … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes

Robert Pattinson will be a presenter at this year’s Golden Globe awards. Now if only they had the exact second he’d be on so I could quickly turn on the tv at that time, and then quickly turn it off … Continue reading

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Golden Globes – Best, worst, dogs, stretch marks, etc.

Bits and pieces of the Golden Globes – – Ok, what isn’t as important as Glee and Cory Monteith but is somewhat entertaining as well. First of all, I thought there wasn’t any animals allowed on the premises? Allergies? Unnecessary … Continue reading

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Glee wins Golden Globe for best tv comedy

GLEE WINS! GLEE WINS! GLEE WINS! Glee won best tv comedy at the Golden Globes. This is like some kind of holy grail to tv people, so congrats. More importantly, Cory Monteith was there looking dashing and suave. Kinda like … Continue reading

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