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The Emmy awards feature competitions for the best of the best in television. TV stars wear fancy clothes and praise themselves usually in the beginning of September each year.

Dianna Agron is my Grandma’s doily…but then saves the day in Vanity Fair

I’m so happy that the pretty one on Glee is finally getting recognition. Sure, Lea is a good singer and all, but give it a rest. Diana Agron is pretty. Diana Agron is nice too. I’m gonna stick to my … Continue reading

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2010 Emmy’s become All-I-Can-See-Are-Your-Boobs-Hendrick-Poehler-Jewel|John Krasinski plays matchy matchy with Emily Blunt|Cory Monteith priceless

So the primetime Emmy awards have come to this, have they. It’s a pure boobfest. Pure. Boob. Fest. If I had a penis, I wouldn’t  be complaining. I’m not really, it’s just that all these tits distract the cameramen from … Continue reading

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