Breaking Dawn premiere in Toronto! Who will be there?

  • SumoMe

I knew that something would happen! I just didn’t know who would be involved or when, but looks like I do now! And I’m sharing it with all of you! There will be a Breaking Dawn premiere in Toronto and it will be on November 17, 2011. It will be held at the Winter Garden Theatre downtown. Who will be in attendence? Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene, aka Alice and Jasper of the Cullen clan. I know, it sucks that Robert Pattinson won’t be there, or Taylor Lautner for that matter, but I’m kinda happy in a very small way. It saves my eardrums from the piercing screams of hormonal females. Ok, and some males too. The shrieks or horniness would be heard all across the land. Good luck to those that camp out!

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2 Responses to Breaking Dawn premiere in Toronto! Who will be there?

  1. Donna says:

    I have been trying to find out what time it starts and can’t find any info!!!! HELP!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Red carpet is at 6:00pm

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