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Well, the Breaking Dawn promo blitz is about to begin. Predictable timing for the Robsten reconciliation? ‘Fraid not. Nothing is Hollywood is accidental.

You don’t want to read my jibber jabber, do you? You want to know when and where you can potentially see Rob or Taylor (or Kristen ugg)! Well, if you’ve been on twitter today you know that Rob has already left for Australia. On Oct. 22 and 23rd he’ll be in Sydney for promo and a convention.

Nov. 5 – Jimmy Kimmel

Nov. 9 – taping of Ellen Degeneres with Taylor.

Nov. 12 – the Los Angeles Premiere.

That L.A. premiere sitch is cray cray! You had to enter to be picked randomly to be allowed to camp out at the Nokia Theater? Bonkers? And they UPPED it to 1500 this year? Nuts! I dunno, I just think that you guys have a better shot of seeing him at one of the tv show appearances instead of waiting outside for 3 days. You’ll see him sure, but it’s waiting outside for 3 days.

No toilet

No shower

Key word is “No.”

If you would like to see where Kristen will be during all of this (yawn) or some of the other Twilight peeps (Kellan, yay!) take a look at this fab link —> Breaking Dawn Promo Schedule

Source: Rob Pattinson Online

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