Breaking dawn filming dates for Vancouver – Kinda

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That auction for a day on the Breaking Dawn set is up to like $8000. I wish. Someone who has a rich daddy/sugadaddy/in a non-committed relationship with someone who happens to be rich, please bid on this and win. Then tell me all about it until my eyes fill up with rage and my fists reach out to strangle you but release themselves just in the nick of time and I fall to the floor in an ocean of salt water tears.

How you like that for emotional writing? Hmmm? Made my heart skip a beat, that’s for sure. Who needs the Notebook. Notebook Schmotebook.

As stated all over twitter cuz people are just so smart – the filming times for Vancouver have basically been blown out of the water. Kinda. It says February/March 2011. In Pattinson time, that could be like 3 days in there. So….get your umbrellas ready and your extra socks in your ridiculously ugly Uggs. You’re gonna need them waiting outside their hotel to never see their faces. Have fun hanging with Kellan though – he’s delightful.

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