Ben McKenzie’s girlfriend? And he’s going to Comic-Con

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A lovely reader loves Ben McKenzie just as much as I do. This lovely reader has been sending me some links lately with new pics of him. One of which will be displayed below. Here is Ben walking down some Los Angeles street with a blonde girl. Girlfriend? Friend? Who knows. It may look like they’re holding hands, but they’re not. Lucky bitch gets to seem like it though. Lucky bitch indeed.

Southland may be over but Ben is still employed. He’s just signed on to be the voice of Bruce Wayne in another cartoon Batman movie. It’ll go straight to dvd but he gets to go to Comic-Con to promote it.

Get your tix, ladies!!!

pic via celebutopia

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One Response to Ben McKenzie’s girlfriend? And he’s going to Comic-Con

  1. Anne Wilson says:

    Great pic of Ben, does anyone know who the girl is?

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