Ben McKenzie starring in Decoding Annie Parker

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Southland is set to begin filming again for season 4 in a few short days, but in the meantime Ben McKenzie has been keeping himself busy. There have been sightings around the Los Angeles area of sets belonging to the new movie, Decoding Annie Parker. It had apparently been circling the Hollywood scene for awhile, but has only now been picked up. Ben’s role is a character named Tom or Mr. Computer.

This movie seems intense! It actually circulates around 2 protagonists, Annie Parker and Mary-Claire King. Annie Parker is a young woman who loses her mother and sister from breast cancer and contracts cancer herself three times during her lifetime. So far. She’s still around and kicking. Mary-Clair King is a young genius who was the first geneticist to discover a gene (BRCA-1) linked to the disease. She’s uber famous in the healthcare world. The movie goes back in forth between the two ladies’ lives, showing what it’s like to live with the disease and what it’s like on the research front. I wonder where Ben fits in the mix?

Ben was out and about at a party on the weekend, so you can oogle over some of the pics from it.

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