Ben McKenzie soaking wet in Southland

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I don’t really have to say anything about this post. It’s pretty much just for looking at. Call it the trophy wife of posts. Ben McKenzie after being drenched, soaked or showered in water. We’d like to think that it was a sensual shower with one of those rain forest shower heads. He was probably just hosed off or something but we can think otherwise. Personally, I’d like to think that he was shot violently with largest super soaker on the market during a pre-meditated water gun shoot out where he was the terribly wounded soldier.

Think what you want but my idea was way better than yours. It was!

Enjoy Ben hard at work on the Southland set.


Source: Ben LiveJournal

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4 Responses to Ben McKenzie soaking wet in Southland

  1. or24 says:

    I just saw your previous holiday post. I guess you’re glad to be free. I’m liking this one better than the video ads. They were too crowded. I’d much rather see or read news about Ben than other Southland cast. After all, he’s the reason I watch. This time, Ben in your headline meant Ben in the post. More like it, even if there’s no real news. Pictures can be worth a few thousand words!

  2. tri5 says:

    Thanks for the latest on Ben. He’s an excellent actor, someone who makes his characters real. Better yet, he’s one of the good guys and class acts in the biz.

  3. bea says:

    Thanks for continuing to promote Ben and Southland and employing humor to do it. Especially since the real Ben Mckenzie seems to be too low-key and humble to engage in self-promotion. (He barely tweets and yet he has nearly 25,000 followers.)
    Here’s to a sexy and wet Ben Serman and a fantastic Season 4 of Southland come January 17.

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