Ben McKenzie poses naked for magazine

  • SumoMe

Hahaha! Gotcha to click, didn’t I!?! Sorry for the tease, really.

Hi Ben McKenzie. I still have dreams that you’re Ryan Atwood, and we live in Chino and you save me from random bar bullies all the time. Yeah, then we go to the bait shop and pick up Seth Cohen. After a little banter, we head back to the pool house and have long chats about philosophy and economics.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!!! What utter crap and boringness, huh?

Here’s a pic of Ben strolling around his hood in Hollywood with his dog. I’ve posted similar pics of him before. I don’t care. He’s delish, why wouldn’t I put him on repeat? Hey Canadian tv networks (that I can get without spending a zillion dollars a month for)! Hurry up and pick up Southland before I go through menopause, ok?

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