Ben McKenzie on Ellen today – he likes to work pantless. Pussy Provoker – copyright 2010 lauralikey inc.

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Be still my heart.

It’s like it’s summer 2003 all over again.

Ben McKenzie, how we don’t see enough of you. I guess it’s a good thing that he’s not in the spotlight 24/7, but it’s a bad thing too. We can’t see that adorable mug. Boy has a sense of humour too, me likey.

He was/is on Ellen today, depending on what time zone you’re in. I’ve already watched it twice today. That’s what happens when your day off is during the week and everyone you know does the 9 to 5. Ben talked about his show, Southland, and how NBC and Jay Leno screwed him over. Then TNT saved the day. Still don’t get that channel…..someone, please, in Canada pick up this damn show. For the love of Gawd!

Anyways, so he went on to say that he enjoyed filming a scene pantless. Red boxer briefs if you would like a better visual. I’m kinda like a guy like that – I need/like pictures. Of course they were filming from the waist up. Of course.  I mean why please your female public? Then he went on to say how single he is, how his younger brothers are getting married before him, and how it kinda bothers him.

So, are you the devil?

That’s the biggest cock tease I’ve had in a while. I don’t have a cock, but if I did, it would not be pleased. I guess I shouldn’t use the phrase “cock tease” either. Ok, pussy provoker? Better? I hate the “p” word, but it works in this case.

Hahaha pussy provoker. Totally gonna use that.

Ben, you pussy provoker.

Anyways, watch Southland – it’s/he’s very enjoyable.

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