Ben McKenzie flirts at a Laker game

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I love all the Ben McKenzie mail I get! You guys are on top of that shiz! You make my life so much easier and I really appreciate it. I’m glad you’re into the gorgeousness as much as I am.

Anyhoodles, Ben was at the Laker game a few days ago and was sitting next to Ashton Kutcher. Technically there were a couple chicks sandwiched in there but who’s really paying that much attention? Oh right, you are. The facial expressions on Ben the paparazzi caught are PRICELESS! The captions that have popped up in my head are extremely inappropriate so I’ll leave them inside my brain. The fact that I just said that should tip you off on the subject matter. I NEED AN OLDER AUDIENCE!

I’ll distract myself by changing the subject. Yes, so Ben just finished filming the 4th season of Southland. Yup, it’s done-zo for the year. Don’t cry. Buck up! They still have to be aired on that contraption I can’t seem to keep dust free. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on his dog-walking escapades. Those seem to be the only pics you get of Ben during the months of March to September. I’ll keep you posted!

Source: Ben LiveJournal

P.S. Isn’t the above link flipping amazing? They really have their shit together. Bravo. That doesn’t mean go there all the time instead of here though. No, that would be a shame.


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