Ashley Greene & Jackson Rathbone at Breaking Dawn Toronto premiere

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Ah the day is finally here, Twihards. The day is finally here!

Doesn’t everything seem so much more emphasized when it’s repeated? Breaking Dawn had it’s Toronto premiere tonight at the Winter Garden Theatre and a couple of its main cast members were in attendance.

Umm, may I have a bone? May I have a Rathbone?

Get it. Hehehe Jackson Rathbone. Clever, wasn’t it? Jackson arrived and all of his fans’ frigid fingers came to life as shutterbugs eager to snap a shot of him. He was gracious and signed autographs and took pictures with the few fans that showed up. And I mean few. What’s wrong with you people? The picture I posted of the venue was taken at 4:30pm. The red carpet started at 6:00pm. That’s only an hour and a half, people?!! What’s a matta fo you?! You guys slept for days in Los Angeles! Of course it has palm trees and t-shirt weather. Today was definitely not that. Who cares though. Who else showed up?

Ashley Greene aka Alice Cullen. She looked pretty, as usual. What was out of the ordinary was her attention to the fans. She gave it. That was nice of her. It was cold enough for her nipples to slice glass, but she took pictures and signed for the fans anyways. Again, there were about 30 people, but still. Attention is attention. I know that the holy trinity wasn’t in attendance this evening, but these 2 are pretty substantial characters in the films, especially Ashley. Jackson kind of stands there looking constipated all the time, but he was important in the books.

Happy Breaking Dawn opening weekend to all of you vampire and werewolf lovers out there. I’m dying to see how it is too. Will it be craptastic like the first 2 movies or take a dramatic turn for the better? Let me know what you think!

Enjoy the pics.


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  1. cutecat says:

    i do not like ashley

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