Anna Faris & Chris Evans buck naked on film set |What’s your number

  • SumoMe

Anna Faris and Chris Evans are currently filming a movie called “What’s your number.” Yeah. So, I knew that but didn’t really care. Then I saw this picture. Now I care.

They were prancing around set buck naked the other night. Of course someone got pics. At least they were decent enough to not take them from the front. If Chris is ok to walk around like that at all, he’d be ok from the front. That’s how I see it anyways. And if they were ok with that in general, they’d be ok with pics on the net so I can see them. I really only want to see the Chris  ones though. If  I want to see titties I’ll look at my own.  And now, thank you for this. Just look at that ass…….

What kind of movie is this and why isn’t it starring Robert Pattinson?

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