Adam Lambert = tapable

  • SumoMe

Originally posted December 15, 2009

So I haven’t talked about Adam Lambert in a while….I’m sorry! Been sidetracked by the hot Glee guy but I’m here now!

Here is a pic of him at some Florida Jingle ball – not gonna touch that joke, toooo easy.

He’s just so delic!! Well-spoken, smart, seems to have his head on his shoulders and not in someone’s mouth. Oh, oh , oh and he used to be a fat kid!


I love former fat people, cuz I used to be one as well. Love the hardships, love the hot piece of ass he’s turned into. He doesn’t like girls like that, but that’s ok. All my boyfriends are imaginary anyways. What’s one more??!! Me heart you Adam Lambert. Me wish good things for you.

Wtf…first blog ever where I didn’t diss myself or someone else……..must be that damn Christmas spirit people are talking about.

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