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Hello people, my name is Laura.

I’ve recently become incredibly irritated/frustrated with the lack of witt and sense of  humour in the world today. The world I live in anyways. That and I kinda like being in charge! This way what I say goes! Haha I’ll be posting things that bug me, things that I like, things that I lust for, and things that are just plain funny. Feel free to toss in your own banter as well. Just don’t curse me out if you don’t like what I say about someone. It’s just entertainment, people. Don’t take it so seriously!!!! It’s just a damn joke. Shit will basically revolve around these 3 things –




….oh, and a lot of Twilight and Glee shiz.

Again, welcome.

Laura xx

P.S. Tell me about celebs you’ve met and whether they were nice to you or not! I want to know! I’ll post your pics too if you supply them :)


15 Responses to About Laura

  1. Ana says:

    Laura this website kicks royal ass! Good job! For sure i’ll keep track of it and holy shit you can make me laugh…

  2. Cait says:

    Love the site and you know it! just showing you some love…. is there comment boxes for your posts at all…?

  3. phuong says:

    OMG Love it, and love you laura, my new fav dose of celeb stalker! You got yourself a new fan!

  4. Kaniza says:

    Hey Laura! You’re too funny! I’m enjoying your site and can’t wait for more of your special brand of insight and preception of our celebs :)

  5. Anahi says:

    God!!!!! October 11 2010 I faund the best site EVER!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL \o/… I know that’s sound weird but, how old are you xD? You’re REALLY funny. Keep going.

    PS: I love Cory 2, he’s so cuuute ^^, but my huspand is Adam Brody <3

  6. Nisha says:

    Super cool site Laura :)

  7. chinawilder says:

    Love your assertive attitude. I’ll hope to see (read) more of you around.

  8. 4good says:

    Hey Laura!

    We’ve missed your Ben McKenzie updates. I know he’s worked on a film, done a sitcom and been super busy campaigning to get out the vote and traveling for Obama from what I saw from summer on. Have you been keeping tabs and are you planning any posts? Much more exciting stuff than Southland.

    Checking back!

  9. Laura says:

    It means a lot to me that I have regular followers. What can I say? Well, I need help with this blog. I don’t have as much time to do it as I’d like and don’t have any helpers. I’m on the Ben thing though. I’ve missed him too :)

  10. fanfare says:

    Good to know that you’re peeps have missed you. Good luck with the hired help.

    Most excellent to have a Ben post again. I knew he had to be busy even if he stays off the radar and isn’t about the self promo and media attention. It’s not like the cop show takes much time and he works so hard for others. I figured he had to be working on the election.

    I didn’t want to put anything at the post, but I would have sent your link on to get it out there and I know lots who’d like to see it, until I saw the kickass part with the other name. Kind of a dealbreaker with that one, so opposite of what Ben stands for. Maybe you can keep posting about Ben for everyone who wants to follow what he’s doing? Have to give this one a pass even with the great pics and super message for everyone with a week to go.

    Canada sounds uber expensive for you!

    Cool to see you back. Keep it up and start that Canadian bus tour when you can. Maybe?

  11. Linda McKellar says:

    Hey Laura, did I meet you at TIFF? I was the piper.

  12. Laura says:

    Hey Linda, yes we did meet briefly at TIFF. I was out front with a fellow blogger (Marina Boy Ent.) and we chatted briefly.

  13. daydream says:

    I didn’t know if you were still up and running. You were sort of my guilty pleasure connection to Ben McKenzie goings on. I’ve seen several photos of him at work making Southland, but I’m a Ben fan, not a Southland fan, truth be told. He makes it watchable.

    Have you gotten any scoops with everything he’s been up to doing something on live in L.A., a comedy hour show guest spot? Anything from all the the to-do happenings in D.C. for Inaugural balls? Someone said they saw photos and read about him there.

    I did see a new video he made for Young Storytellers Foundation. Check the long one out if you’re a fan and supporter!


  14. Laura says:

    Still up and running but it’s a time thing. Between life and work this comes last I’m afraid. I don’t have enough time in a day to keep up anymore :( Makes me so sad!

  15. 4kix says:

    Hey Laura-

    Always enjoyed your Ben McKenzie posts. Seems like I’ve heard about a new movie lead and comings and goings for Decoding Annie Parker and other recent events. Have you got anything? Still supporting Ben? I don’t miss Southland, but I sure miss Ben on TV. Fingers crossed for a new role there too.


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