2010 – A LauraLikey year in Review

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We’ve had a great year at LauraLikey.com. Fantabulous!! It’s my first entire year online, and oh, what a year it’s been. I thought that 2009 was great, with my Twilight encounters (yes, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. But let’s face it – Kellan Lutz was the best by far), but 2010 was equally as spectacular.

With a bigger budget, the celebrity shenanigans would be endless in 2011. We got the skillz, we got the stamina, and we got the endurance. I’m starting to sound like a deodorant commercial now. Let’s just get on to the pics, shall we? I’ve included a few months more than just 2010 (just 3 months prior) cuz we weren’t online on our own site then. I just have to share more love!  I could have just talked about the year in gossip, but everyone does that. This is kinda like it, but just with our favourite people!!

Here’s to the NICEST celebs we’ve met yet!

Make sure to notice the people not included: Kristen Stewart, Shia LeBeouf, Backstreet Boys. I love you guys, but you gotta stop with the hating!

Let’s start out with a little Kellan Lutz, shall we? Can we say delish? Oh, and super duper nice. We chatted in our hotel lobby for about an hour. He actually cared about our well-being! Go fig! We met Ashley Greene the same day – pre- Jonas. This was when she wasn’t a famewhore.



Might as well stick to the whole Twilight theme and include everyone else we saw. New York City was extra nice to us! Never was meeting celebs so damn easy! They basically dropped into our laps. Couldn’t have been easier than if I called them up myself. We saw Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Nikki Reed.

The next day we literally stumbled up the Wall Street 2 set and saw Shia LeBeouf and his now ex Carey Mulligan. We sat on the set for a few hours and got totally ignored. C’est la vie.

Oh, Vancouver our second home! We love you! We also love how you are foaming at the mouth with celebs. ALL THE TIME! If I could, I’d be there a lot more….but work permits otherwise. We were there for the New Moon filming, Eclipse filming, and stubbled upon some Charlie St.Cloud filming with Zac Efron. We have no pics of him – but we did have an encounter in our hotel with him. Weird how short this guy is. We do have some pics of Kellan Lutz (once again), Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed with Elizabeth Reaser.




Back in Toronto we actually lined up to do a meet and greet. I haven’t done that in years! But then again, I haven’t really had to either. My friend Chelsea flew out from Nanaimo and we got in line to meet Michael Buble. I’m still up in the air regarding his personal life….but the hot piece of ass said hi to my mom on video for her. How could you hate on that? Me-ow. That fiancee of his is a lucky ass bitch.

You know who else is a funny AND nice guy? Coco O’Brien! He spoke to us outside of his Toronto show during his tour this spring. Holy fuck he’s tall. Holy fuck he’s so ginger.

During the fall, we travelled back over to the west coast to Los Angeles. We were only there for 5 days, but holy fuck, we saw a lot of people! Seriously. They literally just dropped in our laps. Our favourite was Ben McKenzie of course. I blog about him almost on a daily basis. If there’s a pic of him tying his shoe I’ll put it up. We ran into almost everyone on Glee as well. Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Chord Overstreet, Amber Riley, and Harry Shum Jr. How is this so easy?


And to finish the year off, we FINALLY met Cory Monteith of Glee. The NICEST celeb of them all!! So sweet, so talkative, so generous. Couldn’t say any more nice things about him. There are just too many to name! Aww, I’m welling up. Haha as if.


ALL THE BEST IN 2011!!!!!!

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    Memories!!! This is awesome!

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